US Airways Mastercard 40,000 Mile Signup Bonus and Fee Waived First Year

The best offer I had been aware of previously was a 35,000 mile offer.

This new offer is 40,000 miles with first purchase, no fee the first year, and 10,000 miles with each account anniversary (i.e. you incur an annual fee and get the bonus miles, though presumably those would post while you could still get your fee back).

As with other offers, it comes with a lounge pass per year; the ability to earn 10,000 elite qualifying miles based on spend; a $99 companion ticket for use with up to two companions as long as you meet the minimum spend requirement on the paid ticket; a 5000 mile discount when redeeming awards solely on US Airways flights; and zone 2 boarding privileges. So it’s actually a fairly rich credit card for those who fly US Airways.

For those who churn credit cards, 40,000 miles isn’t a ginormous bonus these days but it’s from Barclays so you aren’t maxing yourself out on offers from Chase or Citibank with this one. I know I’ve been avoiding any new Chase applications, not wanting to forego whatever their next big offer is, which is a shame because I need to get myself a Chase Sapphire Preferred card at least now that it’s offering double miles on dining (hotel and airline spend too, but in most cases I have other cards I’d use instead).

Of course, some folks aren’t big Barclays fans because if they don’t like your credit or the way you look or dress they might approve you for a lesser card with lesser bonus. But still I suppose that’s better than rejecting you outright!

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  1. Thanks for information about this card. Here are my two cents for your reference. 1. If there is another US “Grand slam” coming up in September, it might be good to hold application until then. 2. The Chase Mileage Plus Select Visa also offers 2 miles/$ on dining, grocery and gas. The grandfathered Schwab Visa is running 5% cash back on dining, grocery, drug store and gas purchase until the end of September (registration required, up to $25 cash back though).

  2. T&C seem to indicate the signup bonus is for first time applicants only. Currently have the card, but I downgraded it couple of years ago to avoid annual fee. Anyone with experience applying for a second card and getting bonus?

  3. The coupon that I got (under the previous 35K mile promo) for the 2/$99 was $250. Only good on US metal, a few blackout dates, only good in the contiguous 48, coach only, minimum 2 night stay, must travel with the card holder. Travel is eligible for Dividend Miles accrual – no other airline programs are permitted. Those are the main items in the fine print.

  4. Hoglard1, there have been vague allegations on FT that the Premier World card is churnable, but specifics have been notably lacking (despite repeated requests).

    All (incl. Gary), please note that this offer is more readily located at . That was the URL for the previous 35K offer, and seems to be where Barclays posts its most lucrative offers. (I will say, though, that playing around with the URL Gary posted — say, by changing the numbers — does turn up a variety of options, none as good, alas.)

  5. Any idea on how long this will last? As John said, it might be a good idea to hold until a new big card is up in the market.

  6. Yes, as Gary has warned… you may get a lesser bonus, as happened to me. I didn’t try to figure out why, but getting this was probably not a good move for me as it added an enquiry to my report and I only got the stupid 10K..

  7. “I know I’ve been avoiding any new Chase applications, not wanting to forego whatever their next big offer is, which is a shame because I need to get myself a Chase Sapphire Preferred card”

    That is my predicament. I’ve obtained several Chase cards over the last 6+ months (Continental, Hyatt and BA). The last one they questioned me on the number of cards and the credit limits so I had them move most of the limit from the Cont. card to the BA card. My credit is excellent (except maybe for the avg age of accounts).

    I figured I’ll wait until Sept or later to try for another card, maybe the Sapphire.

  8. Barclays is scary…Will refrain until my return in the Fall from a long trip hoping it goes up:-)

  9. I got this card under this offer recently. I got the offer I applied for so they did not bait and switch me to a lower offer, as they have done to some others. It’s not as high as a signup bonus as we’ve been spoiled by lately, but it’s the best of the existing Barclays offers. I hadn’t had a Transunion inquiry in 18 months so I figured why not. I have no status at US Air either so the boarding status might come in handy, too.

  10. I see on this offer that Platinums get 40K. Unlike the previous offer where they got only 10K.

  11. as bluto noted above barclays pulls Transunion. I checked on creditpulls and in CA they do pull Transunion. barclays seems to be the only large bank in CA who uses Transunion.

  12. Here is what I got:
    Thank you for your recent application for a credit card issued by Barclays Bank Delaware.

    We regret that we’re unable to approve you for a credit card account due to the following reason(s):
    Our records show that you currently have or previously had a US Airways credit card account. A credit bureau report was not used in making this determination. For information about this account, please call 866-203-9560.
    For assistance with any other questions regarding this letter, please contact us at:
    Card Services
    P.O. Box 8828
    Wilmington, DE 19899-8828

  13. As there is no Grand Slam “hit” for card application, I think it better to apply now and have the card in hand in order to use it for one “hit.”

  14. US Airways m/c is a total rip off I was solicited on a flight to sign up had a small balance never missed a payment went to get gas it was declined went to the store it was declined. Called customer service they were useless stating I had to call back duringregular business hours and informed me the account was closed gave no reason… I got the card in the beginning for the so called free flight and companion fare. They took my damn $80 fee and then screwed me over for no reason and did I mention I have excellent credit… hope this shit doesn’t ruin my credit… terrible credit card such a rip off…..

  15. Here’s the notice I received:

    “We regret that we’re unable to approve you for a new US Airways Dividend Miles credit card account
    due to the following: “Our records show that you currently have or previously had a US Airways credit card account. A credit bureau report was not used in making this determination.”

    I would like to know how someone who already has/had a US Airways credit card can upgrade to or successfully apply for the US Airways Premier World MasterCard? My credit is excellent so I know that’s not the problem. I would even forfeit the initial “bonus points” but it seems like the application is no even considered because I once had a US Airways car in the past.

  16. I did ok with this offer…I think? Received 40K miles (no bait & switch), will earn 10k miles upon anniversary with an additional 10K miles upon $10k annual spend. Plus received the other stuff like free bags, 2 $99. companion fares, waived 1st year $95 fee ect.
    Wife applied but got the lower card, 35k miles with no 1K anniversary miles and no minimum spend miles. We have basically the same credit score (very hi 700’s) so maybe its a lottery system?

  17. Had this card for over 10 years. Received companion ticket only once. Was getting 2:$1 miles, then 1:$1, now 1:$2. Big rip-off. Was getting email statements and last one was not received, thus got hit with a $25 late charge and $53 in interest. DO NOT GET THIS CARD. US Air and Barclays sucks. Remember, in Barclays you are dealing with Europe. By American.

  18. I traveled on USAIR in February and was told about your credit card offer…so I filled out the application. I was shocked today to open my mail and find I was turned down…..I’ve never been turned down on credit app. ..My credit score is 824….The reason at top of page was debt to income ratio too high????????? Excuse me???? I have a monthly mortgage payment, a home equity loan payment and I regularly use my VISA card, which I pay in full every month. That’s it. I rarely use any other cards. I have had some of my cards canceled because I have NOT used them. I can only assume you are NOT interested in someone who pays their bills….do you just want to give cards to people who will PAY HIGH INTEREST RATES? MY CREDIT is EXCELLENT and I totally regret applying for your credit card and now I feel I have a black mark on my credit history for applying for your card. THIS IS NOT RIGHT! How do you get away with that? BTW…I am copying this response to you and I will be forwarding it to whoever I deem necessary. I look forward to a response from you. I’m thinking perhaps this is a mistake and someone who doesn’t know how to read a credit report has done this to me. I’m very upset over this and would appreciate a response and explanation.

    Arlene Meade

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