792 Free US Airways Miles

Via UnRoadWarrior, the US Airways online maill offers 792 miles for signing up for Rebtel, an international dialing service.

Importantly, no credit card or other payment information is required for setting up the account, so it’s just free miles (which will also be good enough to reset the expiration date on your account, if you don’t acquire US Airways miles often).

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  1. I clicked the link, it took me to a usairways page, but never asked me to log in or what my USAIr # was.

    What did I do wrong?

  2. Signed up easily, no credit card or payment required. It does ask for your phone number. After that, it asks you to enter contacts, which you can skip. Then it asks for you to verify your number (which says it will call with an automated call) or asks you to enter contacts. You can select “Verify Later” and get to the confirmation page.

  3. @beachfan – I went to USAir, logged in, went to Dividend Miles Mall, and searched Rebtel. The same page that was linked to showed up

  4. @beachfan – when you click on the link to usairways page, you should see a pop-up asking you to sign-in by providing your usairways number (at least it did for me). Too bad I am already a rebtel customer. Their quality is generally good and usage can be easily tracked/reviewed online.

  5. Gary, my kid is going to earn 3000 miles on United for a trip soon. He otherwise doesn’t travel and doesn’t have miles in any other Star Alliance account. Seeing all these USAir mileage promotions and the fact that I can top up his account with Amazon purchases, do you think I should credit a newly opened USAir account instead of United? Thanks!

  6. @YK and @Nick – thanks! I didn’t get that but I tried registering again by logging on, going through the portal; hopefully it will post.

  7. @John if he doesn’t already have United miles, sure go with US Airways, it’s easiest to earn more miles and there are plenty of promos they frequently run where you can top off his account as well as your own.

  8. if you can go to the homepage of the Us airways shopping mall, and look at the left hand side pane, you will find the login place in upper mid, where you can enter your divident mile number. Once you enter your FF#, you can search for rebtel and clicking on search result will take you back to the offer page. Alternatively, after entering your FF#, click on the promotions and then scroll down. You will find rebtel offer there as well.

  9. Thanks, Gary.

    I use your link, clicked the shop now button, and was asked for my US number, then it redisplayed the same page. Clicking shop now a second time took me into the Rebtel signup page, so I’m all set.

    Miles aside, this seems like a cool service. Their rates for calling the UK are lower than Google Voice, lower than my Ooma VOIP service, and lower than any access-number dial-around service I’ve seen. I only wonder about the long term sustainability of a design where every caller-recipient pair has a unique phone number, it seems like if they are successful, they will run out of phone numbers pretty quickly.

  10. The beauty about this is even if you don’t give a hoot about USAirways miles via points.com you can convert the 792 miles into miles/points in several other programs, among them AA, DL, CO, Alaska, Virgin America, Frontier, Priority Club and several more.

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