Capital One’s 110,000 Mile Offer Applies to Their Business Credit Card Too, And You CAN Get the Bonus for Both!

There’s been lots of discussion and speculation about how the Capital One 100,000-mile account balance match offer would apply to their small business card program, and whether it would be possible for one person to get the bonus once for the personal card and once for the small business card.

The answer is that yes, it applies to the small business card as well. And yes one person can get the bonus twice that way! But you need to use a different frequent flyer account to match each offer. You can’t give Capital One the same frequent flyer account with 100,000 miles in it twice. (At least those are the rules as they explain them to me, I can’t say whether they’ll catch this in practice and actually deny the miles to someone who tried this or not.)

Here were my questions, and their answers.

1. Some Capital One reps have said the offer is also available on the small business Venture card. Can you confirm?

Yes. This is true. This offer is open to new Venture and Venture for Business primary account holders who are approved during this limited-time promotion…

1a. If so, could someone with a small business where they earn miles claim the bonus for both a personal card and for a small business card?

A customer who has both a consumer and SB Venture account can receive two matches, however, they would need to have 2 eligible airline credit card programs. In other words, for example, they can’t have 100k miles with their Delta Skymiles Amex and submit the same statement as proof of their miles to be matched on both Capital One accounts.

1b. If so, would you need to provide different frequent flyer accounts to be matched or show earning specifically from a business card credit card?

Yes, they would need to have two separate eligible airline rewards credit card accounts that they wanted to have miles balances matched from. These would not necessarily need to be business airline rewards credit card accounts.
(Emphasis mine.)

2. Any indication how far along the promotion is in using up the ‘billion miles’..? I would hate to be telling folks about the offer if they were close to gone!

The promotion is doing very well. Given the unprecedented nature of this promotion we don’t expect the miles to last very long. I will keep you posted with updates.

Sounds like I need to apply for the small business card, too — and fast!

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  1. So is the business matching miles offer all lumped in with the original billion mile-limit or are these two separate one billion mile pools? Could make a big difference in the decision to go for the biz card.

  2. Just a point: It’s sometimes possible to get the same card twice as a personal card and again as a business card. For instance, I got the 75,000 mile offer from Citi/American Airlines twice by doing Matt Mihaly and then Matthew Mihaly.

  3. @Chris as far as I can tell it’s the same billion miles, I’d *guess* if you got in now you’d still be in time but I wouldn’t wait long. That’s my bet anyway and I just applied.

  4. Hey, at least he posted your comment! That’s more than he does for most! So, is it plagiarism if you cite the WRONG source or only if you don’t cite a source at all??? 🙂

  5. Just the standard small business venture application page? Says nothing about the miles match there, no Alec Baldwin. Just want to be sure I don’t apply in the wrong spot.

  6. Hi Gary,

    I just called Capital One to find out a link to use for the business card and was told that even though you CAN apply for the business card in addition to the personal one, you have to wait 45 days from the date of your initial personal application before you can apply again. What do you think? It sounds like the miles will be gone before then –

  7. Gleff, what site are you going to use to sign-up for the small business card (to be certain of qualifying for a possible 100,000 mile match)? Thanks ——–

  8. Sadly, I don’t have a second set of mileage documentation! That’s what I get for using British Airways and Asiana credit cards.

    More sadly, my partner does have a second set of documentation, but was rejected. That’s what happens after a (very lucrative!) 6-card churn.

  9. Gary: I have several readers warn me that you must wait 45 days between applications. Have you heard any of that from your readers?

  10. @rick someone in this thread reported it — though there are reports on Milepoint of multiple approvals. I got instsant approval on the personal, and got a “we’ll let you know” on my business card. My guess is it’s 45 days between personal cards, not between a personal and a business card.

  11. hobo13 I made a mistake. Sorry I am not perfect like you. And 99% of the comments on my blog are posted. Maybe you are the troll on mine. I only post positive comments.

  12. OK, Rick, we’ll have the discussion here, on Gary’s blog! LOL. You screen a lot more than negative comments. You screen any and all comments that don’t completely agree with you. How do I know? Sure, I’ve left a couple comments that suggested alternative viewpoints — never saw them post. Why not take a hint from Ben and Gary and actually encourage discussion? You should at least disclose on your blog that you don’t encourage differing views.

  13. well, i tried for the biz card and got the instant decline. wife & i got approved for the personal card – wife in 3 days, mine took 12. 3 hard pulls for each personal app. haven’t checked my report to see if they pulled me again but i doubt it since the denial came back in 3-4 seconds.

    and the 45 day waiting period is once you’ve been denied, “you may be ineligible to apply for another c1cc within the next 45 days; therefore we encourage you to wait for at least 45 days before applying for another c1cc.”

  14. I applied for the personal card on the initial launch day and got an instant approval. Faxed my statement, and did the required spend. I read Gary’s blog today and applied for the business card. Got an instant approval over the phone. No mention of a 45 day wait.

  15. Thanks! My wife got both the personal and business cards. Instant approval. I was declined for the personal (too many inquiries, I need to take a break). hobo13, get off Rick’s back. Why would one criticize one that provides a free and beneficial service? Anyhow, thanks both Gary and Rick for all you do.

  16. Like Gary, I got instant approval on the personal and a “we’ll let you know” on the biz. I think I’ll hold off on having my wife apply for the biz (she also got instant approval on the personal) until we get more clarity on what’s going on, given the presumed triple pull.

  17. Yeah, you could call it greed.

    But if somebody wants to give you $1100 for doing very little, you take it.

    And if that somebody wants to give you another $1100 for doing a little bit more, you also take it!

    I’m a bit skeptical this second app will actually work, but I’m willing to take the modest credit record hit to find out.

  18. According to the offer FAQ #4 “This offer is open to new Venture and Venture for Business primary account holders who are approved during this limited-time promotion.”
    I spoke to a CSR who said to make sure you apply for the Small Business Venture card and sent me to this app:

    Alas, put me in the “Awaiting Approval” camp. Good Luck!

  19. Capital One small business venture. For those of you applying you need at least one other card with a 5K CL on it. as well as a 720-750 FICO. Capital One is a strange company and should you should look to get cards else where. I have a cap one personal card and spent and paid off 21K last year. (no lates) The declined me on a biz card and of course 3 pulls.

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