American Airlines New Welcome Aboard Video

American Airlines has just released a new Welcome Aboard video. For most of the world that isn’t news. For folks who fly American every day, that’s huge.

Better, worse, or just different and time for a change?

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  1. yes, indeed time for a change. still: what idiot chose the name “parrish” to be the only text shown in the entire video? this is phoenetically disturbing! eoin, AA exec platinum

  2. There’s some sort of emphasis on diversity and globalization, it seems, but the message isn’t very sharp. Regardless, still a significant improvement over the previous versions. As a French and Japanese-speaking American, I’d also point out that the AA employees speaking those two languages are *non-native* speakers and that will be quite evident to passengers from those countries. It’s charming — kind of.

  3. I hate to say it, but videos like this always make me cringe. They really set off my BS detector. You know that all these happy people aren’t really glad to see you; they’ve just been told to act that way. Arrrgh!

  4. Time for a change. It’s no “Deltalina” show but I kinda like the video. Just wish all the employees would try to emulate their video star colleagues’ positive attitudes.

  5. I just figured it out! There are no Japanese nationals in the video, even though one of the best Admirals Club is in Narita (Chiba), Japan! The person whom said “arigatou gozaimasu” (almost properly) in the video was not Japanese!

    They couldn’t use Skype for a Japanese national in that promo?

    Don’t get me wrong, I only understood “Thank you”, “arigatou gozaimasu”, and the English…..well to those whom could actually speak English properly in that video. Couldn’t stand the xylophone in the previous welcome video. 好きじゃないよ。。。

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