Science Proves Frequent Travellers are Stupid

Or at least, that jet lag may have lasting effects on memory and learning.

[T]he impacts of jet lag—memory loss and learning problems—may alter your brain’s structure long after you unpack…

The researchers now believe that frequent travelers suffer physical changes to their brains due to chronic jet lag. The jet-lagged hamsters showed a drastic drop in neuron production in the hippocampus area of the brain, which closely contributes to memory processing and learning.

“This is the first time anyone has done a controlled trial of the effects of jet lag on brain and memory function,” said lead researcher Lance Kriegsfeld, a psychology professor at UC Berkeley. “Not only do we find that cognitive function is impaired during jet lag, but we see an impact up to a month afterward.”

At least now I have an excuse when I forget to take out the trash!

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  1. I’ve not read the original article, but I’d be interested to know if they only tested for changes up to one month or if they tested for longer but after a month the effects were no longer measurable. The former would be much more worrying IMHO.

  2. There’s all kinds of dimensions for followup research – did they test, say, RyanAir vs. Cathay Pacific? I’m sure there’s an impact. Did the hamsters fly coach or business? Was there adequate leg room? Were they seated between two “big boned” people? Did they have club access during their layovers? Did they qualify for a DEQM promotion? These are all things that affect my memory & performance after a long flight..

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