Mileage Runs Debated on Video

Check out this hilarious YouTube video of two cartoon co-workers debating the merits (or idiocy) of mileage runs.

Personally I’ve never been a fan of the pure mileage run. They’ve always been way too expensive for me to undertake — flying just to acquire miles to redeem — since the cost per ticket calculation that suggests acquiring miles from flying is worthwhile generally doesn’t incorporate the opportunity cost of time, which I place at a pretty hefty premium given my disparate commitments.

That said, I am a fan of that short extra trip needed to bump up to the next elite level, especially if it’s for top tier, and especially if there’s a strong expectation of heavy flying in the next year.

And I am a fan of discretionary travel to see new places, experience new things, and change the scenery of life.

So you won’t find me doing many a straight-turn, but an extra weekend trip absolutely.

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  1. Straight up mileage run to Sydney this weekend, only going to be on the ground 8 hours. Singapore a week ago was kinda a mileage run, but at least we were on the ground for 28.5 hours. If you are ever in Singapore check out the Marina Bay Sands, that alone was worth the trip.

  2. Agree on the MR opinion – I do them of it bumps me up a level (netting *G is obviously a huge benefit for many), if it’s DEQM that will almost certainly play a huge role in my status by year’s end, or if I’m making a short trip out of it. Visiting family even for half a day on the other side of the country is also a good excuse.

  3. I agree completely. I needed a few miles to maintain status and I considered a same day turn, but it just wasn’t going to be fun. Who wants to just see the inside of planes and airports? I planned a nice weekend in LA, but work stepped in and I got my miles on the client’s dime. THAT is a MR I can live with.

  4. I am flying IAH-LAS-DEN-IAH this weekend with about 20 hours on the ground in Vegas through the deal to keep my Continental Silver status. It is nice that it is almost free. I might drive to a national park or just chill in vegas and try to find cheap entertainment. I think if I was spending more money for the ticket I would try to plan a trip with more definite and interesting plans at the destination. I wish there were double EQM this year and might try to travel more next time that is offered.

  5. I’m with LIH, “You’re a freakin’ idiot” quite possibly funniest thing I’ve heard all year. And yes I’m doing MR week after next and did one to NRT in Sept… I’m a freakin’ idiot too! 🙂

  6. Kris was just there two weeks ago but stayed for two days the pool at the top is awesome could have stayed in there for the whole day.

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