US Airways Award Chart Giveth… and US Airways Award Chart Taketh Away

In the neverending saga of US Airways award zone adjustments, after just last week definitively moving Thailand to their North Asia region (thus reducing the cost of US-Thailand awards in business class by 30,000 miles and in first class by 40,000 miles!), they’ve once again updated their partner award chart (.pdf) and it’s now back in South Asia.

In the first iteration they moved Russia from North Asia to Europe. Ok, no more Moscow – Frankfurt – Seoul first class roundtrips for 40,000 miles. Fair enough. And they listed Thailand and the Philippines under both North Asia and South Asia, instead of just South Asia where they had previously resided.

Then US Airways corrected the double listing mistake, moving Thailand and the Philippines to North Asia only.

And now they’ve moved both countries back to South Asia.

Now, admittedly, listing them in North Asia was weird. Or at least listing Thailand there seems weird. And not just because of the exceptional award value (90,000 miles in business class!) but because countries to the North of Thailand, like Burma, remained in South Asia.

So I get why they’d ‘fix’ this issue, but what I wish I knew the behind-the-scenes on is why they moved these countries to North Asia in the first place, only to move them back.

Oh well, at least 10% of the time US Airways agents price Thailand awards as North Asia anyway. Heh. (Though when they ask me what region Thailand is in — and how much travel to that region is supposed to cost — I always answer honestly.)

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  1. hi,

    can you explain how you know about the lists of countries per area? for example, russia is not associated with any of those areas (i.e. europe or n. asia) on that pdf. where can i find these updated country-area lists?

    thanks for posting any info!

  2. I love US Airways gift program where they double the number of miles up to 50K that you can purchase, with oftentimes means a decent price going home to South East Asia. Very rarely, have I encountered in award travel hassles using Dividend Miles. Cathay Pacific’s All-Asia Pass is also a great deal, if, you’re stopping in more than one country in Asia, but there prices have inched North a bit to a just under $1,800, but okay for the high-season travel.

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