35,000 American Airlines Miles for New Credit Card Signup

Another Frugal Travel Guy pointer, American is offering 35,000 miles after $750 in purchases within 4 months of cardmembership for your choice of Citibank co-branded Mastercard, Visa, or American Express.

The especially nice thing here, indeed, is that you can get the bonus for signing up for one of each card — that’s 105,000 miles for three credit card signups.

This specific offer doesn’t come with an annual fee waiver, so the card costs $85. Please let me know if you come across this same offer with a fee waiver, that would be ideal.

The previous best offer — which some will prefer because a first year fee waiver is available — is 30,000 miles after $750 in purchases and 5000 more bonus miles after $5000 in purchases within 12 months.

Update: Thanks to a reader in the comments and by email, here’s the offer with fee waived the first year. 35,000 miles for an American Airlines credit card. Best generally-available offer for an Ameircan co-branded card I’ve ever seen from Citi!

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  1. Not sure if you can actually get all three with all the new t&c’s. Have had the mastercard and visa in the past (both cancelled long ago). Last week I applied for the Amex and was rejected due to having the other two cards in the past. YMMV

  2. Please let me know if you come across this same offer with a fee waiver

    Gary, here you go:



  3. Gary, the offer linked to in the update requires $5K in spend to get an extra 5K points (on top of the initial 30K). The offers I cite above are for 35K points for $750 in spend.

  4. I concur- I don’t think this offer works for current cardholders… I already have an AA Citibank Mastercard šŸ™

  5. Different matter to be REJECTED FOR THE CARD and to get the card but not be awarded the bonus. I *think* consensus is one bonus per card type (though you may be able to get multiple bonuses for multiple business cards).

  6. The current BEST offer is 35K with $750 spend and no first year fee. My experience is that it is one sign up bonus per type of card. 1 MC, 1 Visa, 1 Amex. If you get refused it is time to talk to a supervisor at Citi.

  7. Applied and approved for the AMEX. I already have an MC (have had for a few years). I am not a Citi churner (though sometimes I wish I had…)

  8. file, error 404 came up when clicking on the individual cards; may be glitch, will try again tomorrow

  9. so u can get one bonus per a card?
    eg. u have mc, and visa but got turned down for AMEX super will/can overrule decline?
    this is confirmed?

  10. so u have to cancel the existing AA card to get another with bonus? do u have to wait 60 days anymore or can u reapply for diff cc right away?

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