Two False Alarms in One Day? bmi Diamond Club Isn’t Being Folded into Miles & More After All… Yet

If true, April 14 was a huge day for web glitches or incorrect statements on program websites.

First, Delta took their close-in booking fees off their website but then later in the day put them back.

Then the british midland Diamond Club website said accounts were being migrated over to Miles & More.

But just a few hours ago, joanna from Diamond Club posted on Flyertalk that this is all just an IT glitch:

Please don’t worry, Diamond Club is NOT being closed.

However, since we no longer operate flights to and from The Netherlands, Israel and Ukraine, and in response to member requests, we’re transferring our members in these countries into Miles & More. These members can then continue to enjoy ffp benefits when flying on other Lufthansa sister airlines as well as with Star Alliance. Unfortunately, the web page that members in these markets click through to from the email we will be sending them accidentally appeared in the main navigation on our web page. We’re very sorry for the confusion this has caused.

My sense is that if they’re transitioning some members to Miles & More that they don’t consider Diamond Club to be a program that they’re nurturing for the long-term. So it’s only a matter of time for the rest of us. But that for most of the world, the end will not be mid-May.

Open question whether it’s possible to migrate one’s bmi Gold membership to The Netherlands, Israel or Ukraine in order to become a Lufthansa Senator.

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  1. If they are migrating members in countries they no longer serve that is still bad news for a whole bunch of folks, including me. They stopped serving the USA a while back; that doesn’t mean I want my account to move over.

  2. If I am not going to retain bmi gold, is it in my interest to move my bmi account to LH before my gold status expires? Of course, that means I need to be given the option of doing so.

  3. I had 2 BMI Silver Accounts. One from the old sign up earlier this year, and one from the new recent one.

    I’ve just changed my address on the old one to the Netherlands. We’ll see if anything exciting happens.

    The old one may have only been a 3 month Silver trial, so I might not get anything. But Frequent Traveler for 2 years would be awesome!

  4. @Carol, I would think it would be in your interest to (1) burn all the miles, at least unless you don’t like cash + points awards and plan to do primarily 2-person redemptions, and (2) then yes transfer your account before you lose status — if that turns out to be an option.

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