Who Ever Thought That a Laptop Bag Review Could Generate Death Threats?

The internet is sure a crazy place.

I reviewed the Tom Bihn Checkpoint Flyer, which I much like. One of the arguments for the bag I’ve seen made online is that it’s made in the USA. I explained that while I think the bag is great, this wasn’t one of the compelling reasons for me.

That generated some real vitriol. One of the commenters here on this blog posted a snippet of my review on a political site, Google-stalked me generating a mini-bio for that community, and that was followed up by comments like:

“Wouldn’t it be a shame if such a person were to die in his sleep.”

“Someone needs to figure out how to teach them some manners again.”

“This is another one of those things that I simply will not tolerate. No. I will do something about this, something drastic if necessary. I have no choice.”

I guess of all the things I’ve ever written, I didn’t expect this sort of thing from a laptop bag review.

But on a blog posting interviews off the World Socialist Website, and offering commentary on free trade like “the single biggest weapon of economic devastation ever wreaked upon the world. Not even the bankers in their craven looting have done the damage free trade has done, to the small towns hollowed out by outsourcing in the United States and to the sweatshops and inhumane labor conditions in Mexico, Haiti, Vietnam, and countless other poor nations” I suppose everyone needs a break to threaten to kill a travel blogger reviewing a laptop bag.

I guess if anything untoward happens to me, investigators will start off with some juicy leads.

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  1. I’m sorry you have to go through this Gary. Remember, there are crazy people everywhere, and they’re often vocal.

  2. It is quite a sad commentary that those of us who have blogs (mine is on computer security management) have to moderate them because more than half the comments come from people who are desperately in need of long term therapy.

  3. Wouldn’t it be a shame if people like this actually got jobs manufacturing laptop bags in the USA, found out how glamorous the work was, and no longer had time to post psychotic threats on the internet with their computers, which I am sure are entirely american made, right down to the lcd screen components and RAM? Then again maybe they should just read The Gulag Archipelago and learn a little more about what they are advocating in the combination of socialism, isolationism, and the political use of violence.

  4. I’ve run into internet “stalkers” too. It must be something about the annonymity of the web. If everybody was this crazy in the “real world,” we’d all have to stay inside. 🙂

  5. The only advice I can give you is don’t ever, ever post a negative review of a Nirvana video on Youtube. Now that’s real vitriol!

  6. I hear there is an unused “secure and undisclosed location” available for rent in your general area, Gary 🙂

    Incidentally I own/use two computer backpacks (different size, same manufacturer) that are both made in the US. It wasn’t the deciding factor in choosing them (personal recommendations, the overall reputation for quality, and the great ordering experience when dealing with the small Colorado-based manufacturer was key to me), but it didn’t hurt as an additional selling point.

    I really think you should have gotten yourself a backpack, though 🙂

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