Priority Club First Quarter and Other Bonuses

Prompted by the release of Priority Club first quarter promos, Loyalty Traveller offers a rundown and points to the Flyertalk master thread on Priority Club promos for 2010.

It’s always worth doing a checkup with that thread and registering for offers regularly, as Priority Club is one of the truly great programs out there for bonuses many of which you can double dip or even triple dip on which makes it special.

For the first quarter offer you can register for the one that makes the most sense for your travels. (Registration for Priority Club promotions can be done at Enter your account information and the promotion code.)

Through March 31, there are the following stay x nights, get a certain number of points:

Stay 3, Get 5,000 – Code 1003
Stay 4, Get 5,000 – Code 2001
Stay 5 Get 15,000 – Code 7492
Stay 7, Get 10,000 – Code 4004
Stay 8, Get 10,000 – Code 3002
Stay 10, Get 10,000 – Code 7010
Stay 15, Get 15,000 – Code 8256
Stay 18, Get 15,000 – Code 6278

These codes are for “MILES” not “POINT”. You cant register for both.

Stay 7, Get 2,500 – Code 9418
Stay 9, Get 2,500 – Code 8750
Stay 15, Get 2,500 – Code 7315

Yen Certificate
Stay 12, Get Y3000 Certificate – Code 8599

These promotions apparently can’t be double dipped, you need to choose one of the above offers only — the most lucrative that you believe you’ll actually earn is the best advice.

Meanwhile, there are also bonuses for stsaying at different hotels and different brands:

9659: staying at 2 different hotels
6677: stay at 2 brands
5667: get 10,000 points bonus for staying 3 times between 1/1 and 3/31/2010.
3671 Promotion: STAY 3 BRANDS, GET 10K POINTS

Again, you may not be able to sign up for staying at various hotels/brands if you sign up for staying a certain number of nights.

But the double dipping really comes in with other offers. Here are some additional promotions pulled from the Flyertalk promo code website, worth signing up for (only register for the bonus for staying within 90 days if you plan to stay within 90 days — otherwise wait until you do have such a plan).

4310 – 5k Point Platinum Bonus (After you reach platinum, 5000 bonus code)
6186 – 5k Point Platinum Bonus (After you reach platinum, 5000 bonus code)
6370 – 1,500 bonus points for your next stay within 90 days.
4019 – Welcome back 1,500 points
6198 – Welcome back 1,500 points

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