And The Monster Outlets-To-Go Powerstrip Giveaway Winners Are…

The winners in the Monster Outlets to Go Giveaway Are…

Well, before I actually tell you who won I’ll hold onto the suspense for just I moment (I know you’re all waiting with bated breath). There were 669 eligible comments, submitted by the deadline of noon eastern time yesterday. Thanks, folks! I didn’t check to see just how many were submitted by the same folks, multiple entries were eligible, but I know that commenting in this thread became a favorite pasttime for many. What will you all do now that the contest is closed?

I used an online number generator to come up with (3) random numbers in order to determine which comment numbers were the winners. But I had a little problem the first time through.

The initial winners were Erich and Autumn and…. Autumn. Now, I didn’t declare this in the original rules but c’mon, people, you can only win once. So I drew again, and came up with Lisa. Those are the three winners!

I have each of your email addresses, I’ll be sending them along to the Monster folks who will contact you for your address to ship these out. And I apologize if you happen to share a name iwth one of the winners and aren’t actually the winner, if you don’t hear from the Monster folks and you think you might be the Erich or Autumn or Lisa feel free to drop me a line for clarification.

And thanks for participating in the contest. Y’all should enjoy their Outlets to Go Powerstrip. And thanks to Monster for supplying the items for the contest, as well as to all of my readers for commenting in the thread — the comments were uniformly positive and friendly, and I much appreciate that!

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  1. Congratulations, Erich, Autumn, and Lisa! And thanks again, Gary, for holding your giveaway! I enjoy and appreciate your blog posts. Happy Holidays!

  2. Thanks Gary, Monster, and Julie. It was a good way to start the day in seeing my name in the morning reading.
    Just last night I was lamenting a hotel power issue…

  3. beltway, how did you not win one!!! we were neck and neck!! I would have given you my second one. hahaha

    I’m never lucky but I’m pretty persistent. Thanks Gary and Monster! I’ll let you know how the powerstrip works out in Paris!

  4. Got the outlet today and man is it great! Looking forward to using it on my trip next week. Thank you so much.

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