Win “Up in the Air” Tickets In Exchange for Your Questions about Frequent Flyer Miles

No, I don’t actually have tickets to give away. (Although I did post an offer last week for free tickets…).

Rather, Wendy Perrin is running a contest.

Not only are we giving away ten pairs of tickets to the movie screening but, in keeping with the spirit of the film, we’re also going to solve your most frustrating frequent-flyer-mile problems.

It’s actually the Flyertalk Challenge: you pose your questions on Wendy’s blog and ten questions will be picked as winners. The people posing the questions get free sneak preview tickets to Up in the Air in New York City and Flyertalk founder Randy Petersen will answer the questions.

Now, Wendy says that the questions will be answered by Randy “his team of mileage magicians over at Boarding Area.” So, umm, perhaps you’ll get my answer too!

Which you’re welcome to post here in the comments to this post. You can get me unfiltered, and maybe get Randy’s response as well. Then we can compare. Call that the Flyertalk challenge — hah!

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  1. An Aadvantage award ticket was reserved in my name using the Frequent Flyer account of a family member. The family member specified my name as the ticketed passenger including my Aadvantage number in the reservation. The intention was for the miles to be removed from the family member’s account, not the passenger. But, Aadvantage took the miles from the passenger’s (my) account instead of the family member’s account that reserved the ticket. The twist is/was that I paid cash when ticketing.. I did not discover the switcharoo until weeks later when I received my Aadvantage statement. The family member’s miles were due to expire much earlier than the passenger’s account. If it was known that the family member’s soon to expiring miles would not be used, a 1st class ticket would not have been reserved.

    Is it acceptable that Aadvantage would remove miles from the passenger account and not the account that reserved the ticket?

  2. I’m a DL GOLD. A few months ago, I snagged 2 RT BE tix using my DL miles for travel on AF/KLM next May. I was thrilled since DL only charges 100K miles for travel on its partners but 200K for nonstop on DL metal. Yes, I have to change in CDG and change airports to ORY in order to get to BCN, but it was possible! I was catching a cruise from BCN. However, it’s months later now, and I’m not taking the cruise. I’d like to turn in the miles for credit to my DL acct, but I know DL will charge me $100 each for redepositing the miles. I’ve often been successful in having DL reps change paid itineraries without a fee. Any tips for avoiding the fee on a frequent flier itinerary? The flights I’m not taking will then be available for some other flyer who needs them.

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