While Flyertalk is Down…

Hit the comments here with whatever’s on your mind.  What are you thinking about?  What questions do you have?

Update: No sooner do I publish this and it looks like Flyertalk is beginning to struggle to come back up.  C’mon, you can do it!!

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  1. Good to see many familiar names. I was beginning to think that I had taken one step too far in OMNI/PR

  2. Yesterday I was reading the thread about the guy stranded by Air China in a big snowstorm.

    Lots of nasty comments about Air China. Then someone posts that the Great Firewall of China has blocked Flyertalk !

    With this longer outage today, should be even more fun to see what theories are developed !

  3. Come On FT; the US Air Grand Slam Promotion is gonna end on the 15th & how am I supposed to plan out my final few “Hits”???

  4. Wow! I am going into FT withdrawal. Never realized I depend on the site so much.

    I’ve spent my career in IT ‘fighting fires’. Have to admit, must be a lot of adrenaline and caffeine flowing at Internet Brands right now…

  5. 1. Internet Brands (IB) is a California based new media company that operates online media, community, and e-commerce sites in vertical markets. IB also develops and licenses internet software and social media applications.
    2. IB owns and operates more than 90 websites in various categories.
    3. IB shares (Market Value: $ 316M) are listed on NASDAQ. Neither recently reported third quarter financial results nor the darkness of FT affects their previous share tradings.
    4. IBs income dempends mainly on adds and drives under google shadow.
    5. MileageAddict´s – s/he seems to be a leader of the delusifly named FT “Hotel Deals” forum that attracts “consumers” in the hope to find “error rates” – replay # 33 is out of touch.

  6. How will I get my daily mile fix??
    Good thing I bought gas with my rewards card today, or no miles!
    I am in FT withdrawal and nothing will fix it, not even 10,000 gold $1 Coins!
    I want MY FT!!

  7. Ok, serious withdrawal. Just when there was a fun thread about Vice at Starwood properties beginning to form. Anyone else in Bangkok and want to fill the time normally spent on FT drinking and reminiscing over the good ol’ days of USENET?

  8. I am playing the USAirways Grandslam which end in two days. Does anyone have any experience coaxing from SPG (Starwoods) an immediate transfer to an airline, such that it would be post in time?

  9. Is this a record time for FT to be down? We were at the Mega DO then spent 5 days in Italy, returning yesterday afternoon. Hope everyone made it back okay from Mega DO!!

  10. I just know there’s an Econolodge with a mistake rate for 12 bucks in the middle of Idaho I’m missing out on….. I miss you guys…*sniff*… its just so broken and not working…..*sniff*….

  11. Call me out of touch if you’d like but bottom line, Flyertalk is not as good as it was before IB took over. Oh yeah, we are in day 2 of the outage, right?

  12. Wow I am so glad I found this site with a lot of the usual FT suspects on it! I have been cursing the Chinese and the Great Firewall for the last 2 days, thinking they finally decided FT was too subversive for those of us here in the Middle Kingdom. Guess I fingered the wrong culprits this time. :-))

  13. It’s still impossible to connect from Hong Kong… I reckon it’s nearly 72 hours now that I’ve been suffering withdrawal symptoms.

  14. IBStephanie’s announcement atop all of the FT boards has been extended to “18 November”. The email alert function re new comments is still not hooked up — here, at least. I’ve received one in the four day outage, and it was about someone’s post the prior day.

  15. Ok, while it was previously just inaccessible for me now it seems to be redirecting to some illegal download site.

  16. Oh my word! Flyertalk, PPRuNe, LS1Tech, Yotatech, ClubLexus… are all owned by the same people?!

    Wow, very interesting to see all of these forums where people contribute out of the goodness of their hearts, are actually run by some kind of forum conglomerate….

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