Be Careful Driving to Detroit Metro Airport

The Airport Authority is warning passengers of speed traps on the way to the airport, and the city enforcing those speed traps is miffed.

The City posted signs which read

“The Romulus Police Department has dramatically increased its patrols at the entrances and exits to Detroit Metropolitan Airport, using unmarked vehicles. Please be careful to observe all speed limits and traffic laws when driving in and out of the airport.”

But that’s not all they do.

“When they see one of our cars … sitting stationary with radar on, they will pull their cars in front of ours and turn on their lights, so people are warned that police are there.”

Apparently the city of Romulus has issued 10,000 tickets since July.

And, ironically, they’re miffed that the airport authority has taken steps which discourage speeding, calling it “interfering with police business.” As opposed to encouraging public safety, which is precisely what the police are supposed to be pursuing…

But be careful and don’t speed on the way to the airport. That is probably good advice across the board, I often find airport access roads with little traffic, few curves, and low speed limits. They’re just asking for harried travelers to speed, and plenty of police wait at airports across the country for precisely that. But in Detroit it’s apparently escalated beyond even the usual high level of police activity.

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  1. FYI Romulus police are using Dodge products. Especially a blue Charger and silver Magnum wagon. They have heavily patrolled the DTW area for a few years now. I don’t know if they have increased it more recently, but always be careful leaving the south (Eureka/I275) entrance. It’s 45 mph limit, and they tag anyone over 50 mph.

  2. Similar in concept is the toll booth just before you arrive at MDW. It’s unattended. If you don’t have exact change, they’ll bill you $20. The only way around that is to write them a letter and mail in the money before they fine you. It’s a departure tax on out of towners.

    Carry a pocketful of change if you are returning a rental car to MDW!

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