30,000 Priority Club Points Each for Personal and Small Business Visa

Chase is still offering 30,000 Priority Club points and first year free for their Priority Club Visa. What’s new is that they are also offering 30,000 Priority Club points for their co-branded small business Visa as well.

Now, 30,000 points used to be enough for a free Intercontinental night. Alas, except when PointBreaks are available (at 5000 points per night!) this is no longer the case — the standard Intercontinental room night is now 40,000 points. But 30,000 is enough for two nights at most Holiday Inn properties, so the offer isn’t bad. And with no fee the first year (don’t keep the card past that point, it’s not a great place to put spending), and points generated for you after first purchase rather than after reaching a spending threshold as some of the airline cards now require, this is a pretty reasonable deal. 60,000 total Priority Club points for little effort, which also is enough to generate Platinum status to boot (quite useful when staying at Crowne Plaza properties, far less useful at the median Holiday Inn, most of which don’t have a lot of upgraded rooms so you may wind up with just a free cocktail or breakfast coupon).

Priority Club points also transfer to miles, 60,000 points will yield 12,000 miles in tons of different airline programs though this usually isn’t the best use of the points by any stretch.

Chase cards are generally no longer churnable, so you may not be able to get the bonus miles if you’ve already received them on a previous card of the same type. But you can get the small business card if you’ve only had a Priority Club personal card before. And if you’ve never had either, you can sign up for both. We all have small businesses after all in the modern world, we’re just temporary employees contracting for ourselves! Your Name & Associates or Your Name Consulting works quite well.

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  1. Priority Club Visa IS THE WORST Credit Card you could obtain. They offer you a Low Introductory Interest Rate Offer then deny your payment after the second month (without Notice) then bump your Interest Rate up to around 30%.

    DON’T GET THE Priority Club Visa.

  2. D. Pepperdine, not sure what you mean by Chase denying your payment after the second month. Also, most of us in the points game by off our balances every month, we we aren’t too concerned about the APR. This card has served its purpose for me. Easy points.

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