OMG, A Greyhound Mileage Run!

Wow, this one almost makes me cring to post. A couple of years ago I wrote about Greyhound introducing a loyalty program.

At the time I declared I had no interest in joining. And I still haven’t. After all, 16 Greyhound trips and you get… a free Greyhound trip. Ouch. And I cringe at the prospect of flying over 1000 miles in coach. When I come back from Asia, I even huff and puff at 5 hours in domestic first class, having gotten used to the charms of international premium cabin travel for similar stage lengths.

Yet it was only a matter of time before someone came up with a Greyhound mileage run. I’m appalled.

It might not be the right forum, but since GREYHOUND has some kind of loyalty program (see HERE and TERMS AND CONDITIONS) I decided to post the info.

Greyhound started a new bus venture called NEON which has wifi, power ports, etc and goes the New York-Toronto route. See HERE FOR MORE INFO.

There is a $2 r/t price available for mid-week in SEP.-OCT. Play around with the dates and you will be able to find something.

If you do 16 o/w “credits” with them you can get a free r/t wherever the “fly” (somewhat like southwest), so technically speaking for 16 bucks you can get a 200 dollar “ticket” coast-to-coast.

One of the few times I throw my lot in with the refrain of conservatives, “Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should….”

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  1. Ain’t that bad after all… I posted it and I dont think you should be APPALLED. It might just become the reality for those who won;t be able to afford the survivors of 150/barrel oil.

  2. Not everyone will cringe at this deal.

    Us more seasoned travelers can laugh all we want, but for students whose main concern is saving money at the expense of comfort, this deal couldn’t be better.

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