Avis Automatic Upgrades for Preferred Select Members

Avis’ first level of status (above just regular ‘preferred’ service that anyone can sign up for is Preferred Select. This entitles you to a one-car class upgrade, and the status can be obtained from frequent renting or by having an American Express Platinum card (the expensive one, not the cashback or Delta or Starwood co-branded card that’s also called Platinum).

Some great tips on how Avis assigns car rental upgrades were posted on Flyertalk this morning, particularly interesting

    location fleet size can vary from airport to airport. from a low of 700 to a high of well over 10,000. the larger the airport, the better the upgrade possibilites.

    when your name is on the board and you get to your car and theres no contract, 90% of the time its cause another customer misread the board and went into your car and grabbed the contract and went to the preferred desk.

    ORD has an auto print system. If your flight number is in the reservation, ORD will use a service that triggers auto assigning of cars when the status shows “landed”. And that service is pretty accurate. I have visited airports when a plane landed and the machine just starts spitting contracts left and right. It even takes advantage of your status. If your select, if the class above is available it will give it to you. Its indescriminate, it assigns the first car in the class (lowest miles) every time, regardless of make or model or stall number.

    So if your contract isnt printing, try checking three things.
    1-your reservation has your wizard number in it. This is at least 1/3 of all problems with preferred contracts not ready.
    2-your credit card information is updated and current before you make your reservation
    3-your flight number is in your reservation. I suggest the 2×4 method. two letter designator and 4 digits. So if your on united flight 1, then it should be UA0001.

    And Finally, if you walk in snotty, expect snot to fly back. Regardless of fault, remember they are people trying to do a job. If your going to fling crap around, ask for a manager. they get paid for that. Not the front line staff.

My own best tip is if you want a different car, ask for it. Don’t just take what’s been assigned to you. Of course that requires walking in and takes a few extra minutes. But it’s your call to make.

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