Mileage for brokerage accounts

Yesterday I was asked about mileage bonuses for brokerage accounts, and I’m aware of the following:

  • Ameritrade has several offers with June 30 expiry. A $50,000 deposit nets 25,000 miles on Continental, Delta, United, or USAirways (USAirways offer expires Sept 30). Even better, a $25,000 deposit nets 20,000 points with Starwood.

  • Fidelity also offers 25,000 United miles for a $50,000 deposit.

There are other offers, but those are big ones from large industry players. The best place for checking on a listing of such things is Gary Steiger’s Free Frequent Flyer Miles website.

And of course brokerages aren’t the only financial offers for miles — there’s mortgages, car loans, bank accounts, insurance… and of course credit cards credit cards credit cards (here’s a brief primer on the best ones though while I still carry a Diners Club card I no longer recommend it quite as highly).

My correspondant wanted to know whether Ameritrade would offer signup bonuses to individuals who have already had accounts with them, presumably either a past customer who reopens an account of an existing customer who opens a new (e.g. joint) account. I actually don’t know the answer to this from personal experience (as opposed to from the program terms and conditions which aren’t always the same in practice). If anyone does know, please drop me a line.

In contrast, I do know that many credit card products allow you to sign up for their bonuses over and over.
(Credit card signup bonuses
can often be earned over and over — especially cards from BankOne)

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