Even loyalty points can’t get me to ride the bus

Today in the Sky notes that Greyhound has introduced a loyalty program, Road Rewards. I haven’t looked over the particulars, but Ben Mutzabaugh says that 16 segments equals a free roundtrip.

I’m not even signing up for the program, even if it turns out to be easy to game.

It would be bad enough to sit through 16 Greyhound segments. But the reward for doing so is more travel on Greyhound?

And as if that wasn’t bad enough, their points even expire.

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  1. no wonder how megabus and bolt bus are beating them. greyhound has dirty buses, dirty drivers, no wifi, no plugs. A shame how the poor and those without internet don’t know about mega and bolt and so dont know how to find or buy tkts there. I recall looking into bus fares with greyhound and being amazed at how they were often just 20-30 dollars cheaper than quicker plane tkts, but if you dont have the $$ or a credit card u are left riding the bus… Greyhound knows this and focuses its attention on exploiting its poor and uneducated, and older minority customer base. Some old people just think that you go to the bus station and buy a tkt, that is what their parents did and and their parents before them.

  2. Its easy for the rest of us to not think of these things because we often dont get involved in how our housekeepers, nanny, or garderners visit family or even go on a trip.

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