Wedding Crashers

Last night I saw Wedding Crashers. I don’t usually comment on movies here, but the opening scene features Dwight Yoakam and Rebecca DeMornay fighting over Yoakam’s frequent flyer miles in their divorce settlement conference.

This was a raunchy, funny movie. Senator John McCain with a very brief appearance in the film has been all over the media, getting asked why he’s in this kind of movie when he spends his time railing against Hollywood for producing just this kind of product? The answer, which he won’t give, is that he’s a cynical politician who exploits anti-Hollywood sentiment but frankly enjoys these movies. Maybe McCain is a Straussian after all.

While funny and creative, the opening of the film was absolutely brilliant taking the main characters through a series of different ethnic weddings each one funnier than the last, it’s as if the writers stopped somewhere in the middle and realized that they had left out all of the cliches’. Perhaps the producer demanded that they be re-inserted?

How can a wedding movie possibly be made without a climactic interruption, I tried to tell you how much I love you but I was misunderstood!

I put up with the tired cliche’s — every “plot twist” was thoroughly predictable — because the chemistry worked and the movie was funny. That and the early scenes with Christopher Walken were priceless.

Though I’m confused by the ending, the main characters depart a wedding that’s presumably at the National Cathedral and then drive into Washington, DC. Why do I look for consist editing in a cliche’-laden yuk-fest?

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