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As discussed at, Hilton is offering complimentary Gold status (details of Hilton status here). Just dial 1-800-HHONORS, ask for a customer service representative, and tell them you are calling about promotion code CTCH.

This seems to work for most folks, and provides or extends Gold status instantly.

The promotion is apparently with Citibank, with elite HHonors membership offered to Citibank members with special Chairmans status of some kind. However, the promotion code is currently mentioned in the main recording on the Hilton 800 number so it really isn’t a secret. This is likely just a mistake on Hilton’s part to publicize it this way.

Some folks report problems signing up for the promotion, with representatives saying you need a letter from Citibank or asking whether you have a Citibank credit card, so your mileage may vary on the offer. If asked how you heard about the promotion you can honestly say “from the recording when I just dialed your 800 number.”

Update: CTCH worked perfectly well for me, and for folks who’ve left comments. Some people report on the thread that CTCH is technically for new Hilton HHonors members, and that CTCG is for current members. So if CTCH gives you difficulty with your existing account, you can ask for CTCG instead. Or if all else fails, open a new account with CTCH and merge it with your existing one.

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  1. I just called and it worked perfectly. Didn’t have to answer any questions. I think the rep said it was for the “Chairman’s Card Gold VIP”. Citibank does have a Chairman’s Mastercard, so that might be what this is for.

  2. I just did it. It took about 2 minutes. I simply asked for the CTCH promotion. The easiest 2 minutes of my life! THANKS!

  3. Worked for me as well, and let me add my name to the list of people thanking you for the tip.

    I was actually well on the way toward earning it on my own, but getting the benefits early doesn’t hurt one bit.

  4. Looks like they are finally catching on. When I called, they stated “this is a targeted offer. while we will extend it to you now, if in the future we determine that you were not targeted for this offer, it will be rescinded”. I just said “ok” and they applied. I guess we’ll see…

  5. i will lose my GoldVIP status at the end of April and just got my silver card in the mail 🙁 I saw this post, called the number and voila– i’m enteded to 4/07. This is going to make a big difference on three trips i’m taking in June to Rome and Japan and staying at a few Hiltons. Thanks Flyertalk!

  6. just signed up. Was told it lasts “as long as you remain a Chairman Card holder”. Also was told that it would be removed if it is determined that I was not eligible. We’ll see….

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