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Gratis Networks, the semi-secret company behind the free electronics offers like the free Photo iPod, looks like it is beginning to come out of the closet. Their corporate website now features a blog with updates on their offers and newsclips.

It makes for an interesting read, as they’ve been covered across the mainstream media. It also signifies a bit of a shift for them, I think. They seem to have tried to fly a bit ‘under the radar’ in the past, making it difficult to find out who or where they were. Part of their business model has been to keep everything automated and to provide nearly no customer service whatsoever. I wonder whether that’s changing.

I have had absolutely outstanding luck with them. I’ve received an iPod, a Photo iPod, a flatscreen TV, a desktop computer, a Sony Playstation 2 (slim version), and a Prada handbag.

I haven’t had too many difficulties. I did have a bit of a customer service problem with the offer I completed with Video Professor. They didn’t properly cancel my account. No big deal, I got it straightened out and didn’t wind up paying any money. And a couple of my successful referrals turned out to be duplicates, which meant I had to come up with a few more referrals.

But those were minor bumps in the road, and I’ve gotten a ton of free stuff without going out of pocket any money at all. I really can’t complain.

I do know that some folks have had more difficulty than I have. I’ve written about it before, and there are good tips to avoid frustration.

If an offer doesn’t credit, complete a new one. Don’t use the same computer as someone else working to complete an offer. Don’t make up referrals. Be patient.

Still, I’m interested in hearing stories of success and failure. Drop me an email.

While I’m on the subject, let me note that when I went to the Gratis Networks homepage I discovered two new offers I hadn’t seen previously:

Full disclosure: using the links for the MiniMac and iPod Shuffle benefit me, as I haven’t yet completed my referrals. So use them if you wish, but feel under no obligation to do so.

As always, when you create an account with one of these sites you’ll be taken through a number of ‘yes/no’ offers. Just click no on all of them, as they do nothing to help you get your electronics.

Then once through those few screens you’ll have the opportunity to refer friends as well as complete an offer yourself. The best offers are those that have free trials and no shipping charges. But don’t forget to cancel before the trial period is up! And get confirmation of the cancellation, just in case.

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