Summary of Free Stuff Offers

A summary of all the Gratis Networks free offers I’m aware of:

Please email me if you come across another Gratis Network offer that I haven’t found yet.

The offers are pretty simple. Sign up for the sites. Just click on the links and create your account. It’s quick. With most of the sites you’ll be given a bunch of offers and asked to say “yes” or “no” to them. Just say no, because replying in the affirmative doesn’t get you anything – those offers don’t help you get free electronics. (They’re just an extra moneymaker for Gratis Internet.)

Check out the offers that you’re able to complete. My favorite by far is Infone, but it seems to be only sporadically available. If it’s available, jump on it right away and complete it because it (a) credits your account instantly – most offers take a couple of days or a week and (b) is free and doesn’t even require cancellation – while you have to provide a credit card, you are never charged until you’ve used the service five times so just don’t use the service, and they’re a reputable company, and (c) even if you’ve signed up for Infone before, it’ll still work as long as you provide a new email address (you might also use your middle name instead of first name).

If Infone isn’t available, consider signing up for a 45 day free AOL trial. I like this one because it doesn’t cost anything, and because there’s such a long time to cancel. Just be sure to cancel within a month and a half. Odds on you’ll be offered an extension of the free offer – some folks have reported getting AOL for free for a year or more. Personally I didn’t need or want the service, so I didn’t take the extension, but some folks might actually want to use this.

Video Professor, on the other hand, was a bit of a pain. The credit for the free TV posted instantly, which was nice. They charge $6.95 shipping, which is supposed to be credited back if you return the first tape within 10 days. The tape never came. They cancelled my membership and said they were crediting back my $6.95. The future charges showed up on my credit card and I had to call up the bank to dispute them. In the end it worked fine and I won’t wind up paying any money, but Video Professor was just a pain. So don’t choose Video Professor.

Other potential offers to use are the GM Mastercard and the eBay credit card as neither one costs anything.

Then you need to refer friends to do exactly the same as you did, either by sending them an email from the site or by giving them a special URL you copy from the website that identifies them as having been referred by you. The iPod and handbag require 5 referrals. The television requires 8. The computer and photo iPod require 10.

Yes, this is a pyramid scheme, no matter what Gratis Internet says. But it doesn’t cost anything to participate and there’s pretty great stuff for doing so. So there’s really no downside.

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