What the Coalition is Contributing to the Iraq War Effort

From the Washington Post’s weekly “Ideas Industry” column:

    THINK TANK HUMOR: Oh, and you thought think tankers were dry, mumbling folks. Ha! Laugh-parched staffers at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace came in one morning last week to find a listing of “Coalition of the Willing: Contributions to War Effort” in their mailboxes, complete with “official” U.S. Department of State header.

    Here’s an excerpt of the countries and their “donations”:

    Lithuania: Giving up the Bomb: What’s in it for You? A Foreign Ministry Documentary.

    Denmark: 721,999 boxes of Her Majesty’s Butter Cookies.

    Georgia: Eduard Shevardnadze will resign to serve as interim Iraqi president.

    Portugal: 23,339 tons of fresh calamari for Iraqi POWs.

    Uganda: Offer of asylum to Saddam Hussein.

    Netherlands: 290,000 tons of cannabis for medical purposes only.

    Singapore: 50 copies of government film, Spanking for Freedom, plus 432,201 used Apple computers.

    Honduras: 374,000 “We are NOT a Banana Republic!” T-shirts (In Arabic: Ihna mish Jumhouriyya Bananniyya!)

    Nicaragua: 20 special lectures from leading government officials on “How to Get the Most Out of Elliot[t] Abrams” [Abrams, currently the director for Middle East affairs at the National Security Council, was a major proponent of aid to the Nicaraguan contras during the first Bush administration. He later pleaded guilty to two misdemeanor counts during Iran-contra, and was pardoned by Bush senior.]

    Palau: Still thinking about it.

    Laughs were courtesy of visiting scholar Daniel Brumberg, a Georgetown University professor working on CEIP’s Democracy and Rule of Law Project.

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