Covering My Butt, or First They Came For the Bloggers…

My professional life rarely intersects with my travel opinions (even when those opinions are formed while traveling as part of my professional life). And it’s a good thing, too, according to a recent article in Human Resources Executive. I’d hate to get zetzed by an ill-fated corporate blog policy!

By the way,


    The opinions expressed on this web page belong to the author alone and in no way represent the opinions, beliefs, inclinations, or hunches of his employer. Any similarity to any persons, living or dead, are unintentional, purely coincidental and really, really, not the fault of author . . .

    This website’s author, his employer, its service provider(s), equipment manufacturers, owners of networks this data may have passed through, red quarks used to bring you this page, and the telephone company that spawned Unix are not liable for any damages resulting from anything, including but not limited to the loss of your ability to read as a result of viewing too
    many web pages saturated with GIFs, JPGs, MPEGs, AUs and liberally
    sprinkled with little construction signs.

    Most of the thoughts, ideas, techniques, strategies, and approaches
    that are contained on this page or referenced by links have been culled from across the net. Very few of my ideas are my own.

    In the process of creating this page, many others have
    helped knowingly and not (as is the way of the web). My personal views on intellectual property apply to this page as well.

Oh, yeah, and I fully incorporate Glenn Reynolds’ terms of use for this site, as well — assuming any and all necessary word replacement where appropriate.

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