The TSA complaint line number:

The TSA complaint line number: (866) 289-9673. Store it in your cell phone just in case you need it at an airport.

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  1. John Pistole should change his name to John PERVERT! The rubber stamp man from FBI is now the YES man for every pathetic idea that comes from the Obama White House. Why.. because he is a “blank” kisser and coward that does not think for him himself but only about himself. The YES man for the pathetic fool Mueller is now in a real quagmire. John, a few questions for you:
    1. What is your policy on having the openly gay homosexual employees touching the private areas of heterosexual passengers?? Did you think about it? Probably not! Well I don’t want my wife felt up by a lesbian and neither does she. Get ready for the lawsuit when it happens.
    2. How many hours of training did you give your employees about touching passengers with medical conditions? NONE !! Get ready for the lawsuits.
    3. Has anyone calculated the amount of money the airlines and it’s industry is now going to loose because of this poorly thought out plan? No!! They are struggling to survive right now.. this can crush them economically.
    4. If your position is just under a cabinet level position, why haven’t you met with the President?
    5. I know you are too much of a coward to resign.. so we all must wait for you to be FIRED!!

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