The Best Rewards Card for Each Kind of Spending

Apr 21 2019

If you want to earn the most points for your spending — beyond just earning a big signup bonus — you need to pay attention to what you spend the most money on and which cards give you the best juice for that specific spending.

If you drive a ton you want a card that maximizes gas spend. If you eat out a lot, there are cards that bonus restaurant spend. Since I travel a lot it’s air, hotel, and dining. Some cards are great for multiple categories.

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Airline Goes Out of Their Way to Help Ungrateful Family (The Perils of Basic Economy)

Apr 20 2019

What obligation does a passenger have to understand their fare, and how what they’re buying will meet their needs (or not)?

And while It’s fair to blame airlines for a lot of how we experience travel, don’t we also have to take some responsibility for ourselves? The whole experience would be better for everyone, all around, if we’d practice gratefulness.

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12 Reasons to Get the Chase Ink Business Preferred Card

Starwood Preferred Guest
Apr 20 2019

Chase even suggests that getting a small business card is one of the things you should do as you start your business, that it’s often the first resource many business owners look to as they start to grow. A small business card allow yous to separate business from personal expenses and builds the credit history and identity of your business.

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Why Eliminating Award Charts is the Wrong Way to Do Revenue-Based Redemption

Apr 19 2019

There’s a real problem that programs are facing, how to deliver award seats in a world where planes are full and airlines aren’t growing faster than the economy? If there aren’t unsold seats on desirable flights the model breaks down. The answer though isn’t to move towards low value redemptions where a mile is worth a penny. That’s giving up.

Fortunately it’s not really an either-or proposition. In fact United’s own experience with revenue-based redemptions shows that this new model can easily co-exist with award charts.

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