Now That Marriott Acquired Starwood, Should You Get a Marriott or Starwood Credit Card?

Mar 18 2017

Since Marriott successfully acquired Starwood, the biggest news and action in hotel loyalty has been Marriott Rewards and figuring out the direction the program will go. After some early bumps they’ve been adding benefits like 4pm checkout and experiential redemptions that Starwood offered. And they’ve rolled out the ability to status match and move points back and forth between the two programs.

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CEO of World’s Worst Airline Being Detained in Pakistan For Offering Good Seats, Service

33108600 - new york - october 28: pakistan international airlines boeing 777in new york sky before landing at jfk airport on october 28, 2014
Mar 18 2017

I’ve frequently argued that Pakistan International Airlines is the worst airline in the world. But what’s finally got the government’s attention isn’t sacrificing a goat for safety or flying with more passengers than seats (and making customers stand for 1700 miles).

Instead there’s now a corruption probe over a wet lease deal with SriLankan in which PIA spent $19 million to lease an Airbus A330 for 6 months in ‘the most profitable deal SriLankan ever had’.

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No, Donald Trump Isn’t Going to End the Essential Air Service Program. Sad!

Mar 17 2017

The Trump Administration’s proposed budget eliminates the non-essential Essential Air Service program.

Created in the late 1970s as a temporary measure to soften the blow of deregulation, it’s a perfect example of the old axiom that there’s nothing as permanent in life as a temporary government program. The legislation included a ’10 year transition’ period in which small community service could receive subsidies. This was supposed to end in 1988.

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