Why United Owes All Its Customers an Apology for Yoga Pants

Mar 27 2017

Yesterday a social media firestorm broke out when United Airlines refused to allow passengers to board a flight from Denver to Minneapolis wearing yoga pants. It turned out that the passengers were riding on passes and their dress violated United’s policy for non-revenue travel.

However before United knew the facts of the situation, when it could just as easily have been revenue passengers, the airline defended its actions.

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Do You Want the Cancer? Something I Haven’t Been Asked on a Flight in Years

Mar 26 2017

I flew Southwest Airlines Austin – Las Vegas on Wednesday. It strikes me that this isn’t the only Southwest Airlines flight I’ll be taking in March. For someone that hadn’t set foot on a Southwest aircraft from 1994 through 2014, I guess that makes me a Southwest regular.

They are, after all, the largest carrier at my home airport. And they’ve re-timed their Washington National – Austin non-stop to leave after 5 pm so I can work most of a day and still make it.

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My Favorite Way to Travel

Mar 26 2017

I’m not going to lie I love international first class, and especially flying Etihad’s First Apartment. But at most I do that a few times a year, so that’s not what makes the bulk of my travels better.

I slog it out with well north of 100 flights a year, most of that is domestic. And there’s one thing that makes my travel better than anything else: not checking a bag, but more importantly not needing overhead bin space.

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