Uber’s New Pricing Model May Charge You More, Make You Wish for a Return “Surge”

May 21 2017

A year ago Uber started to replace ‘surge pricing’ with ‘total trip pricing’. Instead of telling you a ride would be 2x, 4x, or 10x ‘normal’ they just started telling you the price. It was still a surge but it was hidden. And much of the uproar disappeared.

And now that Uber presents a price, they’re no longer locked into charging for each trip based on time and distance.

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United Sent Puppy on a 24 Hour Journey After Flying the Wrong Dog to Minneapolis

May 20 2017

United Airlines hasn’t just come under criticism for how it treats its human passengers, it’s received recent attention for how it (mis)treats animals as well. The biggest story was that the airline reportedly locked the World’s Biggest Rabbit in a freezer for hours and them cremated it without permission.

And United just screwed up another pet transport.

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American Airlines Flight Threatened By Fighter Jets Because Man Brought Laptop Near the Lavatory

May 19 2017

American Airlines flight AA31, an Airbus A321 from Los Angeles to Honolulu, was escorted by F22 fighter jets today.

A man standing by the forward lavatory had his laptop with him. The man was “waiting for the bathroom” and “a flight attendant asked him to sit down.” Reportedly he “appeared to try the cockpit door before he was subdued.”

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