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The 12 Best Credit Card Signup Bonuses for December

Dec 04 2017

There’s no quicker and easier way to earn a large amount of miles quickly than with a new credit card. And before the holidays is the perfect time to get one, because it’s even easier than the rest of the year to meet the minimum spending required to earn signup bonuses.

Every month I post what I find are the best signup bonus offers out there. Over the past several months we’ve seen several that are new and bigger. As a result there are a bunch of great cards to sign up for.

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Start From Scratch, Get 2 Business Class Tickets Wherever You Want in 4 Months

Nov 27 2017

I gave a talk in Phoenix recently to a high powered group of entrepreneurs. We talked about travel and frequent flyer programs, arbitrage, and choosing the right credit card.

And I realized when question time came that I sometimes assume too much. A gentleman sitting in the middle of the audience asks, ‘so if we’re just getting started and my wife and I wanted to book a trip using points from credit cards, how can we do that as quickly and easily as possible?’

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Over 5/24? Get This Card

Nov 26 2017

Chase wants to make sure you aren’t getting its cards just for the signup bonus. Those bonuses are expensive and take awhile for them to earn back. So they won’t approve new accounts for many of their products when the applicant has had 5 or more new credit cards within the past 24 months. That only excludes a very small portion of the population, a low single digit percent most likely, but the group has a high likelihood of continually switching products.

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The 4 Best Rewards Credit Cards Overall

Nov 24 2017

There are (3) kinds of value you can get from a credit card, beyond just making it easy to buy stuff.

I often list the best signup bonuses, or lists of which card is best for which category of spending. But what are the best cards overall that hit it out of the park, the triple threats that deliver value across all three dimensions?

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Try Before You Buy: 3 Great Premium Cards You Can Try for Free

Sep 10 2017

The best cards — biggest bonuses, fastest earning, most valuable points — often come with big annual fees attached. For instance the annual fee on the American Express Platinum card bumped up to $550.

Cards without perks like airport lounge access, but that still earn transferrable points, usually run about a hundred dollars a year. However, some cards waive the annual fee for the first year.

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5 Great Chase Rewards Cards That Are Easy to Get

Aug 14 2017

In order to root out customers who just want to sign up for credit cards, pocket the bonus and move on, many people who have opened 5 or more new accounts within the previous 24 months don’t get approved for new Chase accounts. That’s frequently referred to as “5/24.”

However some cards are exempt from 5/24, and the number of new accounts you’ve had in the last two years won’t disqualify you from being approved.

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17 of My Favorite Frequent Flyer Award Booking Values

Jun 25 2017

The price of an award ticket can vary tremendously. That’s because the same flight will be ‘sold’ for different mileage prices depending on the frequent flyer program you’re using to book it.

As a result there are what some would consider ‘tricks’ to get your awards at the lowest possible cost. Here are 17 of my favorite.

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