Gary LeffGary Leff is Chief Financial Officer for a university research center. He’s also a director of a non-profit that provides networking and professional development opportunities for young people in policy, politics, and journalism.

In addition to blogging about his miles and points obsession, he co-founded Milepoint.com, a place for frequent flyers to meet and learn using the latest technology.

From 2003 through the beginning of 2011, Gary served as a moderator of Flyertalk.com and on Flyertalk’s member-elected TalkBoard.  He was a founding Senior Moderator and also the longest serving TalkBoard President, from 2005 until he stepped down from his volunteer roles on the site to focus on co-founding Milepoint.

You’ll see him in the media frequently. Some of those appearances:

  • Television: ABC World News Tonight, Good Morning America, CNN Business Traveler, CNN The Situation Room, Fox News Happening Now, and Fox 5 Morning News (Washington DC), CBS News New York, CBS News Philadelphia, KOMO Seattle

  • Radio: WTOP News Radio, the Maggie Linton Show, Rudy Maxa’s World, and the Mary Starrett Show

  • Print profiles: Town & Country, Executive Travel, Washington Post, Washington Business Journal

  • Award booking service recommended in: New York Times, USA Today, Inside Flyer, Conde Nast Traveler

  • Blog recommended by: Wall Street Journal, New York Times

  • Quoted by: New York Times, USA Today, CNN.com, ABC News.com, NBC News.com, Washington Post, Associated Press, Financial Times San Francisco Chronicle, Washington Times, Conde Nast Traveler, Business Week

  • .. and many, many more (and many of the above news outlets, many, many times)!

Gary serves as Chair of the Nominations Committee for the Freddie Awards and was named on of the world’s top travel specialists by Conde Nast for his award booking service, BookYourAward.com (2010-Present).

He can be reached at gary -at- viewfromthewing.com

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