PLEASE HELP: I Need 100,000 Miles and 50 Nights to Requalify for Elite Status

Today is the most democratic (small d) day of the year in travel. That’s because it’s January 1, and everyone’s elite status counters get reset to zero. I have exactly the same number of elite qualifying miles and nights as everyone else today.

No matter the hundreds of thousands of miles and elite qualifying miles in 2016, or the more than 150 elite qualifying nights in hotels, I have to start from scratch. None of it matters any more, with regard to qualifying for status next year.

And that always reminds me of a 14 year old post by IndustrialPatent called “Need 75,000 miles for Platinum Elite” a snippet of which is below:

Need 75,000 Miles for Platinum Elite

Questions from an NW Newbie:

Can you help me? I need 75,000 Miles in order to achieve Platinum Elite status with Northwest. I want to acquire these miles quickly (by the end of the year) and for as little as possible (no more than $250). I prefer to not to fly, but when I do I want a between seat on America West/British Airways. Thanks! is showing my flight tomorrow as sold out. Can I call NW and ask for a voucher? If so, can I also get a refund for the original ticket? Or will I have to actually fly?

How is Northwest’s World Business Class? Is it better than Southwest’s?

How do I claim PacMan points instead of WorldPerks miles?

If I dial and use 10-10-220 from the in-flight phone, will I save?

Should I ask for a voucher or free ticket if the guy who used the lavatory before me p’d all over the seat and/or didn’t flush? What if he happened to be the pilot?

What’s the address in which I can write NW in order to receive a comp for my FBI: Federal Breast Inspector status?

What kind of alcohol does NW serve in WBC? Will it taste good with my Valium?

When will NW replace their DC-9s, DC-10s and B742s? Will they replace them with planes that have MagicFlush(tm)?

Will Jesse Ventura personally greet me each time I disembark at [Minneapolis]?

Can you help me? I need 100,000 miles in order to achieve Executive Platinum status with American. I want to acquire these miles quickly (by the end of the year) and for as little as possible (no more than $250). I prefer to not fly, but when I do I want a first class award seat on Singapore Airlines. Thanks!

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  1. lol. My Hyatt status for Diamond was achieved, making me a Globalist soon? I won’t be pursuing 60 nights in a Hyatt next year, but I will ride the points and cash option globally to enhance my stays in CA, UT, TX, Amsterdam, Seoul, Sanya, Xi’an, and Chongming this year. All of them will be Hyatt stays. I would be half way to status on just those stays, whereby I would normally have decided to stay out of my way to stay at Hyatts or plan more travel ventures to do so. Instead of doing this, I will stay in Airbnbs. Hyatt then loses my business. Perhaps Hyatt can now afford to live without the 25 stays business traveler/educator.
    It’s been fun, but it’s a big world out there where Hyatts are not, like in Ireland.

  2. Very funny post!

    Hate to nitpick, but democracies (with a small d) do not make everyone poorer.

    And Delta rolls over unused EQMs, so you rarely start the year from zero on Delta.

    Happy 2017.

  3. Qatar Airways uses a rolling 24 moth calendar. Platinum yesterday Dec 31 and still Platinum today (Jan 1)…Though as of 9.30AM I have already flown two sectors in 2017! :-/

  4. The glass is definitely half full: I woke up this morning and there were 2 more RPUs and 6 more GPUs in my UA MileagePlus account than there were the day before… 😉

  5. The most egalitarian day.of all days of the year. For me, this day I travel west coast US to London. And so it continues.

  6. I wonder if maybe if you charged some sort of lifetime membership fee (like $1-5) in order to write comments (and thus also be eligible for your giveaways), you wouldn’t get random crap like “my wife left me” or the hate speech you mentioned the other day.

  7. Smart idea, Rob! And to Bob, if you’re serious and not spam joking, I’m sorry that happened. And to levy, safe travels. To everybody, Happy New Year!

  8. Not true! Some programs don’t reset by calendar year, but rather the date you enroled.

    Nice try though.

  9. @Gary: Who do I email to advise Hyatt that becoming a “globalist” while staying entirely with the US
    is just stupid? I’m embarrassed by the word.
    I can’t believe they have picked these names. Are they making hotels change the counter signs ”
    I’d rather be called an “explorist” than a globalist, even if all my nights come from The Hyatt Ziva and Zilara.

  10. by man made rule we are equal for one short moment on Jan 1. but egalitarianism is as a fancy as we expect politicians to work for our good.

  11. @djc, so true, and don’t forget the customs line in the airport in China. The great equalizer – customs’ line in most countries.

    I’m looking forward to my Hyatt stays this year. Just can’t figure out which one in LAX. Has anyone recently stayed at the Hyatt Regency Los Angeles as in December 2016? I hated it a year ago. I’d rather stay at the Hyatt Place, but don’t care for the breakfast. Sigh. 1st world problems.

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