You May Be Able to Get a Chase Sapphire Reserve 100,000 Point Bonus — Even If You’ve Been Denied for Too Many Cards Already

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Apparently Chase in some cases will make pre-approved offers for the card that is offering a 100,000 point signup bonus (after spending $4,000 on purchases in the first 3 months from account opening) inside their branches to people who would otherwise be turned down (and even who have been turned down already) applying online.

Here’s Doctor of Credit explains how you may be able to get Chase Sapphire Reserve with more than 5 new cards in the past 24 months by:

[r]eceiving a pre-approval in branch for the card (you can literally just ask if you have any pre-approval offers). A lot of readers let us know they were successfully approved for the card when they did this:

I don’t think I’ve seen any denial data points (at least on this site) for people that were pre-approved.

It’s worth going to a Chase branch if there’s one near you, or where you travel, and asking if there are any pre-approved offers they’re willing to give you.

While there are a number of factors that go into whether you’re approved for a given credit card (and credit score, income, and other credit outstanding are only some of those), for whatever reason Chase may be willing to pre-approve people for a card in-branch that they wouldn’t be willing to approve online. Sometimes these things can be a bit of a black box, but the reported consumer data points are worth knowing.

As I suggested yesterday though if you want a great signup bonus but have had 5 or more new cards in the past 24 months and may not be approved for Sapphire Reserve then you likely want the Ritz-Carlton Rewards® Credit Card which lets you earn 3 complimentary Ritz-Carlton hotel nights as a signup bonus (Full review here).

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  1. But then applying for the Ritz-Carlton card will put you even further behind for the 5/24 rule…why would you do that if you really want the CSR?!?


  2. There’s no need to go into a branch to check this. Just go to Chase’s main webpage (chase dot com), then click the menu button in the upper left, select “Credit Cards,” then, just below the “Sign in” button in the upper right, a box will appear that says “Find out if you’re pre-qualified. Takes only 60 seconds with no risk to your credit score.”

    I was in a Chase bank branch this morning and the Chase rep had me fill that out myself in front of him. I had no pre-offers, which the bank rep attributed to a recent Chase credit card approval (last few months, for the BA card). My wife had an offer and got approved for a card. She was over the 5/24 threshold.

  3. I’ve had a lot more than 5 cards in 24 months, called in to a branch in LA yesterday and was told there was a pre-approval offer for me but I’d have to come in to see it. The banker told me since I had a Chase Sapphire it was more than likely a CSR. Went to the branch, found the banker and sure enough, it was for the CSR. I completed the process and at the end, he told me I was approved. Very straightforward.

  4. @Daniel — Numerous data points indicate that the in-branch preapproval system operates independently of the online preapproval system. There are plenty of reports of people who were not preapproved for anything online recieve an in-branch preapproval, and, subsequently, a CSR approval.

  5. @Daniel, No. The branch often has different pre-approved offers than the website. It did for me yesterday and the CSR wasn’t the only difference.

    I’ve found that experiences in the Chase branch are very hit or miss, which is echoed in the forums. When I went in yesterday, I asked the banker if I was preapproved and after she pulled up the list I asked if the CSR was on it and since it was applied and was approved. But I heard the banker next to mine telling somebody that Chase doesn’t do preapproved offers and if she wanted the CSR she just had to apply and see. This was clearly wrong and there are lots of other examples of this. Be prepared to push back or go to another branch.

    FWIW, I only provided my name and address and the answer to my security question since I already have Chase cards (no checking/savings/mortgage though) and that was enough to check for my preapprovals. They do not need your complete social so if they ask for that, be wary.

  6. I’m at 8/24, got denied electronically yesterday, then went to my local Chase branch this afternoon, and had a CSR pre-approval waiting for me. As mentioned on DoC, if after accessing your account information the Chase banker requires more than your mother’s maiden name and household income, they are doing it wrong (probably just filling out the same application as you would online). The whole process took all of 5-10 minutes.

  7. 6/24, top 1% income, 835 credit score. Went to a branch this afternoon, was told I was pre-approved (vs having no pre-approval offers when I checked online); submitted an application and was told “you’ll hear in 7-10 days” — no immediate approval. The banker gave me a number to call if I didn’t want to wait for Chase’s letter; I just called (granted, less than an hour after being at the branch) and was told only that they could see the application but that there was no decision yet.

    Note that if you do not have any account with Chase, you will not have a “profile”; so they will, in fact, have to ask you for more than mother’s maiden name and income in order to set up a profile before they can even check for pre-approval offers. At least that’s what I was told. And given that this process yielded a pre-approval offer while doing it myself online did not, I don’t think that the banker was simply going through the normal online check process.

  8. I went in branch yesterday and was outright denied the CSR. They called recon but they would not discuss with the banker in branch. Really disheartening. Yes I am over 5/24. At 9/24. Will wait til I get the letter in the mail and see if I can plead my case.

  9. 13/24, 790 FICO, top 1% (or more) income, CPC for 5+ years, mortgage with Chase and substantial deposits ($30-50k at a given time). Applied online and denied. Called “my” banker — I never use CPC or than for my mortgage — who said he’d submit a ‘special consideration’ form (I thought they ended those?), but seemed pessimistic.

    Worth going to a branch to check preapprovals, or should I wait to see what the banker can accomplish?

  10. Here’s my story. I applied for a CSP in June/July because I wanted the primary car rental coverage. I was denied for having too many cards. I applied again (stupid, I know) and was again denied. So I got a Citi Prestige. My husband got the CSP for rental coverage and made me an authorized user. Then all the talk about the CSR and I started drooling. I am now about 8 or 9/24. I applied for CSR on Monday, got the “we’ll think about it” reply. Today I went into my Chase branch with the $500 Business Checking coupon, and opened the checking account. (So I will get $500 free for opening the account with $500.) I was also pre-approved in the bank system for the CSR. I applied for the card in-branch and I got it!!! Even with the other application from 2 days ago pending. I am so excited!!

  11. Stopped by branch to check if I was preapproved. Banker confirmed that I was and processed my application. I am at 7/24 and have 2 credit card accounts with chase. Minimal spend.

  12. The fine print to get 3X on hotels. If I book on Amex Fine Hotels and Resorts site (and get the free breakfast, $100 credit, early check in, late check out), then pay with Chase Reserve, I get no points? Says hotel must be booked directly. Anyone know for sure?

    (from Chase Reserve Q&A)….. Merchants in the hotel accommodations category include hotels and motels and many smaller establishments like bed & breakfasts, and inns. Hotel accommodations not booked directly with the hotel will not qualify; for example, hotel accommodations purchased through travel agencies, discount travel sites, vacation clubs, tour operators, or as part of a package offered by merchants such as cruise lines and railways. Points will not be earned until charges are posted to your account. Please note that purchases other than your room bill on the hotel premises will not be included in the hotel accommodations category unless the hotel has set up such purchases to be classified in a hotel category; for example, restaurant or entertainment purchases. In addition, the purchasing of hotel points will not qualify in this category.

  13. Just received my Chase Reserve card. Benefits aside, is anyone else disappointed in the look and feel of this card? It’s now the flimsiest card in my wallet. The Visa Marriott card blows it away. Much thicker and substantial. I was hoping for something along the lines of the Ritz Carlton card that Gary described in another post.

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