When I first flew the new 737 back in December, this guy greeted you at your seat:

What was most striking was the spray tan.

I haven’t been onboard an American aircraft with the new system since January, so flying with them today was the first time I noticed that the spray tan starting you in the face is gone!

Don’t get me wrong. This gentleman may have had too many cocktails over the course of too many flights. And it’s a little bit disturbing to sit down and find his big mug looking directly at you.

But John Boehner, it seems, is no longer the greeting passengers for American Airlines.

  1. Juan said,

    Maybe he just pale and feeling sickly after flying in AA economy??

  2. dhammer53 said,


    Yesterday at shul/temple/synagogue, my Rabbi said something he never says ‘Less is better’ regarding his sermon.

    The same can be said about posting topics. There will come a time, when I (and maybe others) will stop opening the email, and or visiting this page.

    It’s all about quality. Not quantity.

    Just like the vitamin, One-A-Day.

    This is meant as constructive criticism.

  3. RH said,

    That was a welcome surprise. It kind of creeped me out to be honest…less the spray tan and more how intense he was staring at passengers.

    Also, not sure what’s going on, but this Ken guy sounds a bit obsessed. I guess that’s the price of fame, Gary.

  4. Juan said,

    Please ban this Ken character, so we don’t waste precious time reading his crap.

  5. AZTravelGuy said,

    I dunno. I kind of like Ken.

  6. Gary Leff said,

    Ken is one of only two people I’ve ever asked not to post here. I may have gotten the file to automate that wrong, so apologies to all.

  7. mark said,


  8. ED said,

    I wouldn’t want Barack Obama, his anti-airline food wife Moochelle, Harry Ried or Nancy Pelosi greeting passengers on American either.

    Where’s Barbie? Is this a “war on women”?

  9. Anonymous said,

    Ban ED! (Does ED stand for Erectile Dysfunction, by any chance?)

  10. ED said,

    LOL. Anonymous is a loser.

  11. ED said,

    LOL. Anonymous is a loser and a half.

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