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  1. Cory said,

    Those teenage girls might be the smart ones for bringing their own pillow. Afterall, if you sleep best at home might as well try to make sleeping on the road as similar to sleeping at home as possible. I just don’t have room in luggage to make it happen

  2. Steve said,

    Are you asking us if we are a teenage girl?

  3. Sean said,

    I’m a 24yr old guy and I love traveling with a decent size down pillow when I fly. I do travel lightly, generally with a mostly empty backpack so I started stuffing my pillow in it and take it out on the plane so I don’t look goofy at the airport.

    Wouldn’t fly any other way

  4. aviators99 said,

    As a NYer, of course I agree with the Pizza Belt theory. But I’ve personally added a new place to my Pizza Belt: Sao Paulo. I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t tasted it myself, but it’s the best outside of NY (which means better than the non-NY/NJ places in the belt).

  5. shay peleg said,

    I brought a blanket once and a pillow and i have the best sleep of my life

  6. Ron said,

    Sadly, I have to agree about L.A. area pizza. There used to be a great pizza place right next door to me in Long Beach, the Deli News, a mom-and-pop, cash-only outfit in a strip mall: super cheap and super quality. A year or two ago the owners retired (rumor is that they went back to Italy), and whoever took over the place did a big renovation and extended business hours. After such an investment it was clear something had to give, and while price remained the same, quality went down to typical L.A. standards. Now I don’t know where to get good pizza anymore.

  7. DaveS said,

    I welcome the new AA 18-hour rule. Good to know. It will sometimes mean getting a good night’s rest on an overnight layover, rather than having to get up for the first flight out in the morning, or having enough time to meet a friend for lunch at a connecting city.

  8. A. S. said,

    I hope that Pizza guy is kidding. Pizza in the US is not pizza. Don’t get me wrong, it’s “filling” (which is what most Americans care about anyway) and can be tasty, but it’s not pizza. The dough is thick and soft (it should be thin and slightly crispy at the bottom), the sauce is NOT pizza sauce (which is supposed to be a fresh tomato sauce), and the mozzarella is abso-friggin-lutely NOT mozzarella or even cheese for that matter. I sort of pity anyone who has never eaten real pizza in Italy or Brazil (the actual best place to eat pizza — even better than Italy).

    I don’t mean to offend and I’m not saying it’s not good, it’s just NOT pizza. (PS: It’s not good, either.) THAT is the final word — not that Gawker guy’s! :)

  9. icicle said,

    Yet another sexist comment from Gary Leff!!

    ‘Cause apparently only females from ages 13 to 19 carry travel pillows!

    How sad. Do you even proof read what you write?

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