In some markets, Uber is introducing Corner Store. They’ve just sent an email out in the DC market, for instance.

They’ll bring you what you want from about 100 items so far.

Items include things like sleeping aids, pain relievers, envelopes, Clorox, tissues, batteries, candy, baby wipes, and condoms:

If they’re in your market, here’s how it works:

  • Toggle to the CORNER STORE option Mon-Fri, 9am-9pm
  • Set your delivery location within our coverage area and confirm your address
  • Be prepared when your driver calls to take your order from our inventory list below
  • Upon arrival, meet your driver outside & confirm your order
  • As always, no cash required! Only the items you ordered will be charged to your Uber account (no additional fees)
  • Clearly Uber has to extend itself to other industries if they’re going to actually become worth their $18 billion valuation. I’m not sure they’ll get that by competing with the Stop ‘n Shop, and it isn’t nearly as cool as UberChopper but I could certainly see it having a use.

    If you haven’t used Uber yet they’ll give you $30 off of your first ride. (And I get the same for referring you.) In DC, UberX (a dude with their car) starts at $7 while a black car starts at $12. So make it a worthwhile ride to maximize the credit. For me, a black car from work to the airport is $29 or so for instance.

    1. Jon said,

      They’re going to have to have a minimum or a delivery fee for this to work. You can’t make money off people only ordering envelopes for $1.

    2. Brian said,

      Anyone remember ?

    3. Jared said,

      I can barely understand my Uber driver when he comes to pick me up; what are the chances he can successfully take my phone order for products?

    4. nsx at FlyerTalk said,

      I can see the ad now. “Uber: Where the rubber meets the road.”

    5. sue said,

      Can I use Uber w/o a smart phone? I only have an old flip phone. Thx.

    6. Gary Leff said,

      @nsx – that’s awesome.

    7. Nick said,

      They are trying to market themselves any way that they can now. To me it looks like an act of desparation (IMHO) of a sinking ship.

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