A Ritz-Carlton Rewards credit card comes with Gold status and United MileagePlus Gold members and above get free Marriott Gold status.

But if you don’t have any Marriott status, then the company you work for may give you Silver just for showing up. I’ve covered this before, two years later the advice is the same.

Here’s how Marriott signs up people at the Silver status level from a variety of companies that they have corporate agreements with.

There’s a simple link, the format is http://www.joinmarriottrewards.com/account/silver/default.aspx?source=COMPANYNAME

So the link for Accenture is http://www.joinmarriottrewards.com/account/silver/default.aspx?source=ACCENTURE

And the link for the University of California is http://joinmarriottrewards.com/account/silver/default.aspx?source=UniversityofCalifornia

… to give a few examples, each of which open new accounts at the Silver level. You can try to enter your own company name to see what’s offered, if anything. (For instance, Microsoft has a page which gives silver status, the IBM page does not.)

The benefits of Marriott Rewards silver status aren’t exceptional, but it’s better to be Silver of course than a non-status guest.

Whatever link you use, Silver status should be instant. It’s simple, they don’t need to check with Accenture’s travel manager to confirm employment, they just give you the status.

  1. patrick said,

    Interesting… but this may not be as easy as just signing up using some “random” company name. I tested this out using Deloitte as my random company name and the signup page didn’t like the e-mail address I used. The company you choose could be linked to a specific e-mail domain that you have to use. “Buyer beware”

  2. Jonathan said,

    And even if you use a “compliant” email address, the enrollment info goes to that email address, so there’s really no way to activate the account unless you are actually an employee of said company or you have a friend there that will let you use their address and can forward the info to you, and that assumes that you can then change the email on the account after the fact.

  3. DaninMCI said,

    Funny how the first two comments seem to be on how to lie and get this status. You should check to see if YOUR company is available for sign up not someone else’s that you don’t work at.

  4. Joeheg said,

    Does this only work for new members enrollment? I didn’t see a way to attach to a current membership.

  5. Scott said,

    Uh, doesn’t the card come with Marriott Gold status? That will get you zilch with United.

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  7. SAN Greg said,

    Funny – I work for UC and was not aware of this. Thanks Gary!

  8. Greg D said,

    “Enrollment through this system is not currently available. Please contact Marriott Rewards Customer Support for assistance.”

    Don’t know if that’s just because my company isn’t supported.

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