Today is free hotel status day here at View from the Wing.

To add onto earlier posts about signing up for accounts that start off with elite status, it’s worth highlighting that you can still get Le club Accorhotels top tier Platinum status without actually staying at Accor Hotel properties.

It turns out that Frequent Flyer Italia (yes, the blog is written in Italian but Google translates) flags that you can get this status when you own 50 shares of Accor hotels.

You used to be able to sign up for Le club Accorhotels instant top tier Platinum status at will almost anytime.

I last saw an opportunity at the end of 2013, though.

So worth having your pocket that once you own 50 shares you can record them with Accor for top tier Platinum status. And current rules suggest you keep the status as long as you own the shares.

As I write this the share price in Euros suggests a cost of 50 shares at ~ US$2368.

What Platinum Status Gets You

Platinum status usually requires 60 nights or 25,000 points earned.

This status is far from the most rewarding, set your expectations accordingly. Earlier this year at the Sofitel London Heathrow, Platinum status meant an upgrade to a king bed.

Your experiences should be better than that since the program has improved its elite benefits and in addition to bonus points-earning, Platinums now get free internet, early checkin and late checkout subject to availability, and lounge access when the eligible hotel has that amenity.

Use This Status to Match to Another Program

Many hotel programs now offer challenges rather than matches, but some like Club Carlson are willing to match Accor status generally.

Get a Rebate for Your Accor Hotels Booking, Too.

In addition to frequent sales offering discounts of 30% or more on the room rate, TopCashBack sometimes offers 8% or larger rebates on Accor hotels bookings. Start out at TopCashBack, your mileage may vary as to whether the offers will be stackable (whether your cash back will report). But it makes sense to try, as there’s no reason to leave money on the table.

  1. Rami said,

    I got Plat status through one of your earlier link. Stayed at Mercure hotel in Paris and it got me exactly nothing. I would not invest in Accor stock even one euro in order to get status.. Thanks for the link.

  2. Paul said,

    Do any other Hotels chains offer status benefits to their shareholders?

  3. Kevin said,

    Take a look at the Price to Earning, aka P/E, and wonder. Just guessing, the recent sales is being used to pay the quarterly diviends.

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