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  1. CW said,

    Is Etihad pulling out of Dulles or am I misreading your sentence?

  2. Gary Leff said,

    @CW not pulling out.

  3. Brian said,

    Hello Gary,
    Thanks for the great article on packing tips! I read that you really like the TravelPro Crew series of bags, but which one in particular is your carry-on? I see that EBags is having a closeout sale on the 9 and 10 series with the 9 having a suiter built in, but I am concerned about it fitting the carry-on restrictions. Can you share your thoughts? Thanks!


  4. Peter said,

    Just tried to match Hilton Gold — told that they’ll only match “top tier” :(

  5. Gary Leff said,

    @Brian – i haven’t tried once since series 7 so i can’t comment on the newer models

  6. David G. said,

    The Marriott program was in “beta mode” — perhaps they discovered that they technology they envisioned to automate the points process just didn’t work (because, in actuality, it didn’t — Facebook likes weren’t getting rewarded at all after the first week or so.)

    Nonetheless, disappointing — especially since activity a week ago was promised at 250 points in their emails and posted as 25 after waiting the required week.

    Not worth complaining about, and certainly the new points awarded for social media activity aren’t worth the time and bother to complete.

  7. Aaron said,

    Received a response from hyatt – their offer says you can register through Oct 31, 2014. Also lists the ‘comparable competitors’ you need to provide documentation of are:
    Hilton VIP
    Hilton Diamond VIP
    Marriott Gold or Marriott Platinum
    Priority Club Platinum
    Starwood Platinum Preferred Guest

  8. Joe said,

    Why is boarding suddenly ask for my “current location”all the time — VERY ANNOYING!!!

  9. KiteEXP said,

    Hi Gary,

    The tax at CCS is not an air conditioner tax but rather a ozone generator tax. Also, while there have been airlines that have stopped flights most have opted to reduce flights first.

  10. Sally Webber said,

    Groovy info

  11. Jeromie said,

    If anyone’s interested, here’s a quick and easy way to still automatically maximize Marriott Plus Points. At 2k per month x 4 months, that’s still enough for a category 1 redemption…

  12. Jessica said,

    I love the tiled layout of the blog.

  13. Ken said,

    How does the Jet flight compare to Etihad?

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