Several airlines are offering business class fares between Canada (mostly Toronto, but also Calgary and Edmonton) and both Capetown and Johannesburg, South Africa for $1362 plus taxes and fees, roundtrip.

That comes out to be about $2500 once you include fuel surcharges.

A lot of money, to be sure, but still much less than I usually see these fares.

Low enough that there will be some who find it worth buying a ticket from their home city in the U.S. up to Toronto to start their journey. (You may be able to route back home through your home city and then throw away the final segment back to Canada.)

Here are the base fares: (via KVS Tool)

And a sample fare calendar for October: (via ITA Software)

Sample itinerary:

And price breakdown, showing that the fuel surcharges are the biggest single component.

That’s why there are even folks who will find success reducing the price further.

These fares have been around for at least a few weeks. They aren’t mistakes, you’ll see that several airlines are offering them, though they won’t last indefinitely. They’re being discussed in several places, and I see that a pay newsletter is even promoting information about the fare now.

The fares are also non-refundable and with heavy change penalties. Passing along in case deep discounted business class fares between North America and Africa are useful to some.

  1. Al said,

    Those fares are also available on Delta website, priced at C$2,594.96. That’s a big plus because they will count toward MQDs.

  2. Al said,

    Too bad it will price much higher if I want a stopover in CDG. But it is still very cheap even if you throw away the final CDG to YYZ leg.

  3. Sam said,

    I have not done the math, but as a DL Plat, that should net some good miles. Not sure if it makes sense economically, though it may. Have to run the numbers on it.


  4. Bill said,

    There are also amazing deals on J and even F fares for Emirates to/from CPT and JNB. We booked last week one way for 2 persons at $3204 EACH in Emirates First CPT-DXB-LAX…both of which now operates Suites First (777ER from CPT-DXB and A380 from DXB-LAX)! Amazing deal. We had J mileage awards but with so many segments (CPT-JNB-LOS-IAH-SNA for SAA-SAA-UA-UA) using UA predevaluation miles, but the Emirates F tickets were too good to pass up.

  5. Robbo said,

    Cool, just booked AF YYZ-CDG-JNB-CDG-YYZ in November dates. All good, got it for $AUD2600, very good, AF A388 from CDG to JNB both ways. Anyone tried it? Hope AF A380 is an improvement on the rest of the fleets service.

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