FlightFox put together a list of the least expensive routes for the best airline business class products.

Did you know you could fly Swiss business class for just $187? Try Muscat to Dubai.

Or that you could outright buy a seat in business class on a United 787 Dreamliner for under $400? Houston – Denver.

It’s a pretty short flight, but Cathay Pacific operates their new long haul business class product — one of the very best in the world — from Hong Kong to Taipei (making it ~ $600). Of course an even better deal would be to redeem just 9000 Avios.

They’ve got the cheapest flights each of 31 airlines offers for their premier business class products, so read the whole thing.

  1. Sebastian said,

    Cathay Pacific sells Business Class ex BKK to SIN for 320$ roundtrip and also used longhaul equipment on many days.

  2. Jonathan said,

    Are you sure you can get AC pod from YYZ to YUL?

  3. lsed said,

    You would think they were experts

    Swiss Intercontinental! Wow, at least get the name right!

    SQ Next Gen on SIN CGK Route? What?!

  4. tyoflyer said,

    Lots of errors here. E.g. you can’t fly NH business staggered to TSA. You can fly JL’s SS7 product between HND-NGO — a lot cheaper than LAX-NRT.

  5. todd said,

    Hi All, Todd from Flightfox here. Thanks for the feedback. We crunched the data as best as we could, but sometimes there are inconsistencies. We’re working to fix them now.

    @Jonathan we didn’t believe this either, but the team checked the data a few times and apparently so.

    @lsed “Swiss Intercontinental” is our name for the product. Not all products were individually named by the airlines, so we had to distinguish them. If you scroll down a little, you’ll find the airline’s actual name.

    @tyoflyer thanks for the tip, we’ll check out why our data was incorrect with this one.

  6. MileCollector said,

    @Jonathan – yup, I’ve flown the route before, in the ‘pod’.

  7. Pablo said,

    @Todd, you are definitely wrong on SQ deploying its next gen 77W on the SIN-CGW route. This route is far from premium.

  8. todd said,

    @pablo thanks, looking into it now and we’ll find the next best replacement.

    P.S. If anyone is interested in the input data, we’re happy to share. We double checked routes through matrix by forcing aircraft and only the origins and destinations from flight schedules. Just email me if interested in the data.

    Also, if you have any other ideas for crunching the data like this, just let us know. We have access to the data the drives most flight systems, plus a team of software engineers, and we’re open to collaborating on ideas, no strings attached. We plan to do a first-class analysis next.

  9. todd said,

    @Sebastian, it looks like that’s not available on the correct Cathay product. They may fly business class that cheap, but we are only looking at each airlines’ best product. Many products, even from 4/5 star airlines are quite poor.

  10. todd said,

    @tyoflyer Are you sure, because matrix shows it NH does plan to use the 787 on that route. Here’s a screenshot: https://www.dropbox.com/s/3fm2opbqiun8ltz/Screenshot%202014-07-15%2015.10.58.png

  11. todd said,

    @tyoflyer Actually, we’re having trouble really identifying their v1 and v2 of their 787 two class in the raw data. Any ideas?

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