The New Biggest Credit Card Bonus: 75,000 Miles for a New Citi American Executive Card

The Citi American Airlines Executive card’s 100,000 AAdvantage mile signup bonus was the very best signup bonus out there.

And it topped my list of card offers that wouldn’t last.

Indeed, it didn’t. After nearly six months (I never thought it would last that long) it’s finally disappeared.

Two weeks ago the landing page for the offer disappeared but a direct application link still worked.

The Citi Executive card, of course, comes bundled with American lounge access, no foreign currency transaction fees, and 10,000 elite qualifying miles after $40,000 spend in a year.

Now the best available offer for the card is this one for 75,000 miles.

This card also receives the first $100 in spending back as a statement credit.

Only in a world where we’ve become ‘used to’ a 100,000 mile bonus plus $200 statement credit for this $450 card does 75,000 seem disappointing.

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  1. I guess one thing you are trying to say is that the direct link no longer works? In any event, I got in under the wire on that one; got approved on 6/30.

  2. I was able to get 4, 100K Exce cards, plus last summers free for all 50K AA citi cards.. I doubt I’ll do this one 75K isn’t worth it without a $200 statement credit…

  3. For its Platinum Card, and as many of your readers probably already know, American Express is still aggressively and widely pushing out 100,000 point targeted offers requiring a $3,000 spend within three months. I may actually jump at this . . . at least for the first year at a net $50 fee!

  4. @Phil – well, they were trying to pull the offer when the landing page went away. now the application page is gone. most likely scenario is it’s really gone.

  5. Those applying 2nd time just for AA miles, would not regular Citi platinum card with 50K after $3000 spend and no annual fee a better offer ?

  6. I got in on my second card 3 days ago. Got the confirmation letter today with the card and it shows 100k. However, no mention of the $200 statement credit. Should I assume they won’t toss that in? I can’t remember if my January letter from the first card said anything about the $200.

  7. @Gary,
    The 100k offer is better after looking at real cost
    cost 450$ fee- less 200 credit + 200$ opportunity cost of spend = 450$
    450$/110k miles = 0.4 cpm
    The 75k offer
    Cost 450$ – less $100 credit + 150$ cost of spend = 500$
    75k miles + 7.5k miles spend = 82.5k miles
    500$=50000c / 82500 miles = 0.6 cpm
    BOth are way better than the option of buying miles at 1.9-2.3c
    I would rather take my chances with the unpublished 100k offer

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