This morning I wrote about the unveiling of American’s new 777-200 inflight product.

This is another seat image that I didn’t have in that post.

And here’s more detail on the Boeing 777-200 refurbishment from the internal newsletter American shares with its employees.

One key detail that I didn’t know this morning was power ports: coach gets power ports (standard plug ins) and USB ports, and business class seats get two of each.

Interestingly, the size of the tv monitor at each business class seat is being reported as 16″ rather than 17″ reported on the American website.

Entryway/Business Class Bar

The retrofitted Boeing 777-200ER aircraft features unique mood lighting, a walk-up bar for Business Class customers and a dramatic ceiling treatment similar to our Boeing 777-300ER.

New Business Class Seat

The new Business Class seats onboard the retrofitted Boeing 777-200ER feature two universal 110v AC power outlets and two USB ports to keep our passengers connected throughout their journey, international Wi-Fi and in-seat entertainment with 16-inch HD touch-screen monitors (featuring up to 250 movies, 180 TV and 350 audio selections) and plenty of storage for personal items at every seat.

Fully Lie-Flat Business Class Seat

Business Class seats on the retrofitted Boeing 777-200ER aircraft are fully adjustable in every area and recline to a fully-lie flat bed, providing travelers optimal comfort during long-haul international flights.

Main Cabin

Every Main Cabin seat onboard American’s retrofitted 777-200ER will feature international Wi-Fi, universal 110v AC power outlets and USB ports as well as in-seat entertainment with 8.9-inch, HD touch-screen monitors, featuring up to 250 movies, 180 TV and 350 audio selections.

This should be great stuff! Except for the 10-across seating in economy of course.

  1. JL said,

    I think the most important detail missing now is the retrofit schedule & when we can actually try the product!

  2. Jeff R said,

    Does the internal newsletter say how many flight attendants will staff the 772? (In other words, any prospect that the FAs will hate the 772 any less than they hate the 77W?)

  3. Tony said,

    @Jeff R, hate is a very strong word, the AA FA’s I have spoken to don’t hate the 77W, infact they like the plane, it’s just the staffing ratio that AA has doesn’t now allow for promoted service, AA was going to add one more FA to the J cabin, not too sure if they implemented this yet.

  4. Nick said,

    I know it’s becoming standard but 10 across with no premium economy means I will not book for flights longer than 8 hrs – unless I can secure the upgrade ahead of time.

  5. Jeff R said,

    Gary, you are right – I should have chosen my words more carefully. No one hates the plane itself (except maybe the very narrow aisles in the back); of course the issue is the staffing ratio, especially in J. From your comment I gather that this particular newsletter doesn’t say anything on the subject. Not a surprise.

  6. Jeff R said,

    @Nick: The 772 is going to have Main Cabin Extra – not “premium economy” per se, but there will be 45 coach seats in 3-3-3 configuration.

    @Tony: Sorry, just noticed it was you and not Gary who responded to my prior comment.

  7. Nick said,

    Are the seats themselves any wider?

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