Here’s the booking link.

One of the most requested things we’ve gotten for future Frequent Traveler University events is a different program — while each one has several different topics and speakers, they’ve also had many similar program components, and a large group of people of very mixed experience levels.

We’ve listened and have begun to put together a more intimate event called FTU Advanced that will be held at the Chicago Marriott O’Hare July 18-20.

  • Smaller, more intimate, for greater in-depth discussion
  • More advanced. FTU events welcome everyone, at all experience levels, and of course everyone is welcome.  But the program will feature a more focused conversation geared to people that have spent more time with the activity.
  • A different program. We’ll be able to go more in-depth, and we’ll be able to go more hands-on.  There will be internet in the meeting rooms to facilitate learning by doing, not just telling and showing.

Last April’s Northern Virginia FTU drew well over 600 people.  We decided to cap the Seattle event at a little over 400.  Both sold out months in advance.

In order to provide a more hands-on experience and facilitate better networking opportunities we are limiting this event to just 125 people.

Tickets are $199.  This is designed to be a break-even event.  The cost covers:

  • Open bar cocktails on Friday evening (past FTUs have limited type and/or quantity of beverages)

  • Breakfast on Saturday and Sunday (this is new compared to larger past FTU events)
  • Lunch on Saturday and Sunday
  • Meeting space with internet

    I’m working on the program now, but wanted to get the information out to everyone as quickly as possible in order to allow you to make plans.  I’ll be speaking of course, and so will Lucky from One Mile at a Time.  More details to follow.

    Room block at the Marriott will be available for $99++ per night.

    Purchase tickets here.

    Discuss the event with other participants here.

    Room block booking link will be sent out to individuals who purchase tickets.

    And remember, this event has only 125 spaces.  While it will be important to act quickly, we understand that plans change and there will be a procedure to transfer tickets if you turn out to have that need.

    It should be a fantastic weekend!


    1. Bill n DC said,

      Sounds like a great event. Would luv to attend , but won’t be able. Some day. Best wishes.

    2. Gil said,

      I’d love to go, but am already booked on a trip to SFO that weekend. Hopefully this will be the first, but not the last FTU Advanced.

    3. Frank said,

      Any idea when there will be one on the West Coast again?

    4. MileageUpdate said,

      Gary, Are you to be adding any new speakers or the same FTU speakers in the past?

    5. Kathy said,

      I thought you guys were planning an advanced in LA? Still happening on West Coast???

    6. Jason said,

      I’m in! Can’t wait for a great weekend and the opportunity to meet some fellow enthusiasts!

    7. Jane S. said,

      Come back to NoVa and the Greater DC area.

    8. Carter said,

      Still hoping for an event near DFW. Gaylord Texan would be an excellent location.

    9. Gary said,

      @MileageUpdate each FTU has been a little bit different, and a little bit same. You see right now 2 of the same :-)

    10. Gary said,

      This one was almost on the West Coast but it’s important to get the pricing right, note that the event later this month is on the West Coast..

    11. robertw said,

      Ill be there. This will probably sell out in a day or two if that.

    12. italdesign said,

      Wish the dates were different – will be in Bora Bora then (which I won’t complain about).

      It seems a little ironic though that Marriott, which has one of the less rewarding programs, is the official hotel for the last 2 events.

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    14. Mike said,

      Signed up! Really looking forward to it!

    15. UAPhil said,

      OH, NO!! I’ve already committed to join my GF for a Jane Austen tour in England at that time. I wonder if Jane ever used miles and points to pay for carriage rides??

    16. Pizza In Motion – Frequent Traveler University Advanced In Chicago, July 18-20, Almost Sold Out said,

      […] Gary of View From The Wing has a ton of details here. […]

    17. Michael said,

      Bummer. It’s already sold out.

    18. Ken Simpson said,

      Tickets are already gone and I just learned about this ten minutes ago. Rats!!

    19. Tony said,

      Nice, it’s sold out already…..

    20. Krystyna said,

      Boo. I wanted to go, but it’s sold out.

    21. robertw said,

      The reason I get email alerts from Gary is because of things like this. I got the email and signed up immediately. I get the email alert on every single post he sends to readers. I need to make it a notification on my front screen :-). There have been many things where you have to act fast.

    22. Ivan Y said,

      Perhaps I need to set up an email alert as well because I missed this :( Was glad to read that another FTU Advanced is a possibility — perhaps we can hold it in Houston or Dallas ;)

      P.S. Well, maybe not Dallas… For some reason, after US joined OW, BA Avios site shows no flights between IAH and DFW even though plenty of AA availability in reality :(

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    24. TJ said,

      trying to get rid of my ticket for FTU Advanced, can no longer make it. anyone interested?

    25. Ivan Y said,

      @ TJ — do you have a room reservation? From reading MP, sounds like the rooms are sold out so even some of those that hold tickets can’t book at a group rate anymore.

    26. TJ said,

      @Ivan Y – yes, I have a room at the Marriott booked for the $99 rate

    27. A Second Shot at Tickets for Frequent Traveler University-Advanced - View from the Wing - View from the Wing said,

      […] week ago Frequent Traveler University-Advanced was launched and it sold out […]

    28. aznprzn said,

      Ivan Y I am interested in buying yout ticket if still available?

    29. Neil Cohen said,

      I am a registered participant and would like to follow the organizing activities and add my suggestions. Would you please forward me a password to the page.
      Thank you Neil Cohen

    30. Jeff said,

      I have a ticket to the July FTU advanced – please let me know if interested.


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