There have been so many offers for the US Airways MasterCard, each slightly different, and often disappearing that I realize I’ve made some mistakes in my recommendations. I’ve pointed some readers to a 35,000 mile signup bonus after first purchase with $89 annual fee. But I realized this morning while writing about getting priority boarding on US Airways that there’s an offer for 40,000 miles after first purchase with that same $89 annual fee.

It’s the best offer for the card that I know of.

The card is marketing as ‘up to 50,000 bonus miles’ but 40,000 come after first purchase, the other 10,000 are generated by a costly balance transfer that you don’t want to take advantage of.

I think this card is a great idea. There’s likely only about a year left to get it, before new applications close forever. And the bonus miles are worth far more than the fee.

Back in January we didn’t know when the card would go away. I called out others who suggested that the demise of the card was imminent because available facts didn’t support the claim. I even got into a pretty heated twitter exchange over it.

About a week later we learned what to expect. The US Airways credit card will continue to be offered until Dividend Miles is combined into AAdvantage. Once that happens existing cardholders will be able to keep their cards, but no new applications will be taken.

I continue to expect that the programs will be combined during the first quarter of 2015, either at the very end of February or very beginning of March. But there’s been some speculation that the integration could take longer. I suspect that the airlines don’t know with certainty yet themselves as much depends on technical work that is still progressing.

In addition to bonus miles, card benefits include:

  • A 5000 mile discount on US Airways award travel (not valid on partner awards)
  • Annual companion certificate for up to 2 companions at $99 plus tax each with purchase of a paid ticket costing at least $250 plus tax.
  • Priority check-in and boarding
  • A US Airways Club day pass each year

For avoidance of doubt the link to this card does not offer any referral credit to me.

  1. Stephen said,

    What’s the rule if you already have one of these cards? Got it about 6 moths ago.

  2. Rich said,

    Just closed the account about 2 months ago. Too soon to apply?

  3. Jim Jam said,

    A week ago I passed twice through CLT on US Air flights. Both times the attendants went through the cabin with the same Barclays US Air offer you have posted here, asking if anyone was interested in applying. I asked the flight attendant if he had any recent info concerning Citi versus Barclays and the new AA. He showed me an internal US Air employee newsletter from that day which stated that later this year all Barclays DM cards would be converted to AAdvantage cards, and that Barclays would continue to be the provider of these cards in the future. The flight attendant took this to mean that Citi would be out and Barclays would be the sole CC provider. I did not see that explicitly stated in the newsletter, and told him that this does not fit in with has been speculated across the internet. Have you heard any new information within the last few weeks?

  4. Gary said,

    Jim Jam – we have an official word on this, not speculation.

    Existing US Airways Barclaycard products will be American AAdvantage cards. Barclays will continue to service those cards. But once the programs are combined Barclays cannot issue any new AAdvantage card accounts.

    Citi will be the exclusive issuer of new AAdvantage card products when the two airlines officially combine into one.

  5. KMFITZ said,

    I am not so interested in Dividend Miles. So, If I obtain the Barclays card and the 40,000 Dividend Miles bonus—will those miles be converted 1:1 to AAdvantage Miles when the merger is complete?

  6. worldtraveler303 said,

    It would be really helpful to address the churn issues with this card. I currently have it and an arrivals card. Just paid the annual fee on the USair card to renew. Haven’t really been using either very much lately. Any chance on a second card? Would canceling the arrival help or hurt?

  7. j. said,

    Can you use the free US Air lounge pass at an American Airlines lounge?

  8. phil said,

    I thought you read FT once in awhile. The 40K offer has been around since January. See

  9. beachfan said,

    Hi Gary;

    According to this post, Parker is on record as saying it will be 1/1/16 before the programs are combined.

    Might be moot to me anyway w/o Vanilla Reloads. I’ve been busy churning churning Citi Executive until now.

  10. Gary said,

    @beachfan Parker says a lot of stuff off the cuff, I don’t put a ton of stock in that comment. I can run through a litany of things he’s said that he was sort of thinking out loud without being actually up to speed on what was in the works. Not saying it won’t be longer, but I’d still bet on a year from now.

  11. Gary said,

    @phil – I *wrote about* the 40k offer back in January. I *linked to* the Flyertalk post in this post here. But since I had briefly forgotten 40k exited, and I’ve seen 35k listed as best-available, I thought it worth revisiting. But I do not read FT nearly as often as I once did.

  12. Gary said,

    There are people who get more than 1 card at a time, it used to be easier than it is now though and more people get pushback than in the past. There’s lots of data points rather than a firm rule IMHO on length of time between card and another bonus, as I say ranging from having more than one open at the same time up to 6 months to not getting a second at all.

  13. Gary said,

    @KMFITZ yes

  14. ABC said,

    I have 2. What are the odds of getting a 3rd?
    “Existing US Airways Barclaycard products will be American AAdvantage cards” should we expect the benefits to be different between citi and Barclay issued AAdvantage cards?

  15. Gary said,

    @ABC we haven’t gotten clarity on specific benefits yet.

  16. Jay said,

    “But I do not read FT nearly as often as I once did.”

    Or should apperently … Bc it’s been discussed there pretty regularly.

  17. Michelle said,

    The companion pass is only good on US? Not AA flights? Thanks!

  18. Nun said,

    I wouldn’t be surprised if they offered MORE than this 40k/50k offer this year.

  19. Gary said,

    @Michelle – as of now, right

  20. Gary said,

    @jay – I do not know everything, i cannot know everything but i try to stay on top of most things

  21. Jim said,

    @jay – Gary is probably digging some old news from FT and market it as new, so that he can earn some referrals from Barclays ;-)

  22. Tom said,

    Is there not a varient of this card with a 10k bonus each anniversary. Surely that would be better? (10k AA miles for $89 as long as you keep the card)

  23. Gary said,

    @Jim I posted this deal in January. And there are no referral links in this post. #NotFollowingYourLogic #KeepFactsStraight #CutMeSomeSlack #AssumeGoodFaith

  24. greg said,

    Can a person get a second card or has that been nixed?

  25. nbdona said,

    I now have two cards, as of tonight’s (April 5) instant approval and my spouse will probably be approved instantly for a second card.

  26. DaninSTL said,

    So after reading the comments I’m worried that my current Barclay US card will be converted to an AA card and that could hurt my churning efforts with Citi on future AA cards. Any thoughts on that possible issue?
    Also with miles in both programs but only elite with US i’m torn between wanting them to combine quickly so my elite benefits truly carry over to AA and keeping them separate so I can take advantage of some sweet spots like the 5k savings on award seats through US.

  27. Gary said,

    @DaninSTL – No, no worries on this, you will get an AA card *issued by Barclays* which will not hurt your ability to get an AA card issued by Citibank.

  28. phil said,

    Irregardless of your admitted mistake re: this Barclay card I do want to give you kudos for having the most professional & informative blog of the 8 or 9 I read daily. Keep up the good work.

  29. LarryInNYC said,

    My wife and I were both turned down for second cards. As required, our rejection letters included the credit score they used to make the decision — 836 and 850. Plenty of income as well.
    In other words, it’s getting quite hard to get a second card from Barclays.

  30. JL said,

    @Gary do you know if the US Airways Club day pass will get you into the Admirals Club?

  31. Gary said,

    @JL the official rule is no

    “US Airways Day Passes are only valid at the US Airways Club.”

  32. JL said,

    @Gary Thanks – I wonder if the US Airways Clubs are going to be convereted to Admirals Clubs?

  33. Gary said,

    @JL yes, they will be eventually

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