American has launched a new Passport Challenge Promotion.

Through May 23 American is offering miles for:

  • Learn and earn. Up to 700 miles (50 to 100 per activity)
  • Be social and earn. Up to 350 miles (25 to 50 per activity like following American on Twitter, watching a video, and sharing a video with friends)
  • Fly and earn. 500 to 2500 miles for flying on US Airways, US Airways Shuttle, a new domestic route, flying international, a oneworld airline partner, and exceeding qualifying points goals for up to 9000 miles

The first ‘learn and earn’ activity is American Airlines trivia, the questions are easy, you’ll decide whether it’s worth the time for 50 miles.

  1. American serves more than 330 destinations.
  2. You have to guess their hubs, the correct answer is the choice with the most cities (although Doug Parker has called Washington National a hub in the past, but it’s not listed here).
  3. Regional partners will fly under the American Eagle brand.
  4. I won’t tell you the website that will tell you where to find travel details if you’ve booked a US Airways flight on — they give you three URLs and you can just try them to see which works.
  5. You can earn miles on ‘all of the above.’

The games can be fun, though, and quick — it only took me a few seconds to run through ‘guess the tailfin’ where you match a partner airline’s livery with the name of the partner. Hint: Royal Jordanian has a crown, both S7 and JAL have their airline names on the tail…

When you watch the AAdvantage video — Suzanne, you know I love you, but you don’t actually have to finish watching the President of the AAdvantage program to earn points. Just answer the 3 questions about AAdvantage, that you can earn miles lots of ways and use them to fly to over 1000 destinations…

The promotion is open to US residents only. And some folks aren’t going to be willing to share their personal information from Facebook with American, which you need to do in order to play.

The trivia questions probably took me longer than the miles are worth, but it was sort of fun, they’re pretty easy, and you get two tries on each. The matching games aren’t hard either. And I had to understand all of it to be able to credibly share with readers.

Sorry to my Facebook friends, but what good is Facebook if you can’t spam people to earn miles?

  1. DaninSTL said,

    A little time consuming but worth 20 minutes for 1055 miles so far in my case. What I like the bonuses for flying which I wouldn’t get normally anyway.
    Oh and Sorry to all my Facebook “friends” (including my dog Francine) who just got spammed by AA :) but hey it’s miles we are talking about here !

  2. Chris said,

    When it asks you to share for miles simply select “Custom” then “Only Share with me”…

    Miles without getting crap from your friends about it :)

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  4. NG said,

    Um, American might want to re-think “Find the tailfin for Malaysia Airlines”

  5. Gary said,

    @NG :rimshot:

  6. CW said,

    Pretty easy 900 miles in 15 minutes for me. Thanks Gary!

  7. Steve said,

    Any clue on how long it takes the points to post on I finished the game a few hours ago but never received any confirmation that they were transferred or accounted for.

  8. Gary said,

    @Steve “Bonus miles will be awarded within 3-4 weeks after the promotion period has ended.”

  9. Robert Hanson said,

    “Bonus miles will be awarded within 3-4 weeks after the promotion period has ended.”

    That always cracks me up. Why does it take 3-4 weeks? Do they have a team of elves on loan from Santa who enter this stuff manually?

    Or are they just saying Bonus miles will be awarded ‘long after you have forgotten all about this promotion, so if they don’t actually post no one will bother us by complaining about it’. ;)

  10. DallasDave said,

    Thanks Gary! I was up to 650 miles when the system crashed, and got the error message “We are experiencing extremely high traffic. Please try again later…

    I think we busted the system like Ellen did with Twitter during the Oscars with her Selfie.

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  12. Timmyd said,

    Is there some additional registration to qualify for the “fly and earn” part or are you automatically registered by participating in the overall facebook thing. I already have some USAir (cash) flights booked for that time period so I am hoping that they qualify.

  13. DJP_707 said,

    So for the fly and earn when you fly usair do you have to credit the miles to your AA account, mine seem to have automatically posted to my us air account and they are not showing up as being credited on my AA passport challenge.

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