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  1. Steve said,

    Interesting United development, Gary. Any sense of whether the Mercedes transfers will be limited to paying Global First passengers, or will award travel also be included?

  2. Jason said,

    “He mistakenly suggests that JetBlue has shifted to such a model, however, as opposed to beginning its TrueBlue life as a revenue-based program.”

    JetBlue did have a non-revenue based program at first. You earned points based on short/medium/long haul and if you earned 100 points, you got a free restricted ticket. It was not revenue based at all. Then they changed to revenue based several years ago.

  3. Jeremy said,

    Upon the news i also immediately thought this about delta too. I’m an accountant and travel admin for concur at my company. I’m also an avid mileage junkie. I’m a bit concerned about this aspect. Lots of people are already booking last minute travel, and I find it occurs more often with southwest travelers.

  4. Sean M. said,

    Good old Bruce. I remember sitting with him at an airport in remote Algeria around 5 years ago and him spending a couple of hours explaining why the airship was going to make a comeback. If anybody can make that work, he is the guy. Absolutely brilliant person with an enthusiasm for aviation that is simply unmatched.

  5. Gary said,

    @Jason yes of course.. :space cadet:

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