Yesterday I linked to a rumor about supposed upcoming changes to Marriott Rewards. I emphasized that it was a rumor, I didn’t have direct knowledge but it was something posted by Loyalty Traveler. It was based on a posting in the Marriott Insiders online community.

The gist was a new higher award redemption tier, increased point requirements across the board for all tiers, an end to automatic lounge access for Gold and Platinum members when not upgraded to an executive floor, and confirmed suite upgrades for Platinum Premier members in a new formalized top tier.

Marriott Rewards has denied that these changes are pending. (HT: Matt in the comments.)

There are no changes planned to Elite benefits. There is nothing hidden in these words – we have no devaluation of Elite benefits in the discussion, planning or execution phase. No ‘later this spring’ announcement of any kind planned. No new levels. No changes to concierge lounge access. No “Delta” model. Annual award category changes will be announced next week.

Strictly speaking I read this as a denial that there will be a new ‘public’ criteria for Platinum Premier status, and that there won’t be changes in the coming months to elite benefits.

That’s good.

I note though that the denial centers around elite benefits, and the only comment on award redemption is that “Annual award category changes will be announced next week.”

We’ll have to wait and see what happens on that front.

  1. PW said,

    Delta: So bad not even Marriott wants to be associated with them.

  2. Robbo said,

    Marriott LOL, 1) American company 2) Denials 3) American and denials equals LIARS. no one trusts big American corporations denying stuff.

  3. farnorthtrader said,

    In anticipation of them messing with the awards that I will want, I have made reservations for June for which I do not have the points (Marriott Rewards card should be arriving any day). They say that I just need the points 7 days prior to arrival, but if the point level goes up, will I be able to keep the booking at the current level or end up with whatever it is going to be when I have the points?

  4. MyTravels said,

    @farnorthtrader: If your hotel goes up a category and the booking is made prior to the category change w/o a certificate then you have to call Marriott rewards and go over your info so they can issue you an award at the prior rate. If the award is auto-issued it will be at the new rate.

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