The W Hotel Store is offering 60% off of everything with promo code W6EM9.

In December and in October they ran 50% off, and that caused prices to be about the same as when I purchased my bed from them in March 2007 prior to a price increase. 60% is better, of course.

I’ve found my queen bed plush top with feather bed to have been a good purchase. I chose the ‘plush top’ rather than pillow top mattress and it’s lasted wonderfully, though I’ve since changed out the feather bed. (There are reports that the pillow top version won’t last as long, that it has a ‘memory’ or rather it wears out more quickly.)

In my experience W Hotel Store purchases post as double points earning when paying with a Starwood Preferred Guest American Express.

(HT: Dan’s Deals)

  1. Shaun said,

    Thanks for pointing this out! I was bummed i missed out the last time. By chance, do you know how long this sale is supposed to last? thx

  2. Gary said,

    I do not know how long this will be available.

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  4. Larry said,

    Has anyone found a decent portal to earn extra miles for purchasing?

  5. Diondi said,

    Just as a note, the code doesn’t work for international orders, and they wanted $300+ shipping to Canada (which makes sense but I am sad panda. :-( ).

    Too bad…

  6. Traveler said,

    Lots of sold out stuff!

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  8. Jay said,

    I see plenty of “Unavailable” stuff on the website compared to a few weeks back when i was shopping with the 40% discount code..

  9. Bikeguy said,

    Nice of you to HT Dan.

    Too bad he never does the same.

  10. Brett said,

    Im trying to buy this, but I dont see a place during the check out process to enter the code… Does anyone have any ideas/tips?

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